Rag Doll

When I was a little girl, we went to go visit some random great aunt somewhere. We only met her the one time and I was sent to a room to go play, so I don't remember the great aunt at all, but I do remember her rag doll. She had this amazing doll that was made completely from cloth. It had all kinds of different colors and textures and was pieced together in such a beautiful way. I loved to touch it and twirl it around. It was gorgeous! I played with that doll for hours. It was so beautiful to me, so much more beautiful than my plastic barbies. Don't get me wrong, I did love my barbies. I loved to dress them up in their sexy dresses and high heels and prance them around so that Ken would take them on dates, but this rag doll was totally different. She didn't need sexy dresses because she was already dressed. She came complete with all of her beautiful long, flowing skirts sewn right onto her cloth body. She didn't wear high heels and she didn't need to prance around for Ken to kiss. In fact, there was no Ken. There was just her and her own beautiful rag doll self. 

I loved that doll and always wished that I had one. I went home and played with all of my barbies, but I never ever forgot that doll. How real and wonderful she felt. I can still see her cloth face in my mind's eye, and I can still remember how her full skirt swished. She was the kind of doll that you wanted to just curl up with before you went to sleep. The kind of doll that you could play with all day and snuggle all night. She was a real doll. 

Today, I was doing a reading and my Angels reminded me of the doll. They inspired me to tell the story to the woman I was reading for. To remind her that she has been getting to know and embrace all of her beautiful parts and that she has been sewing them all together to become the beautiful doll that she is. When I hung up, They told me that message was for me too. And for all women who are craving to know themselves. For all women who ache to understand their purpose. For all women who dare to explore the depth of their own soul. You can buy barbies in the store and they look great, but handmade dolls are full of life in a way that no barbie could ever be. Every rag doll is unique and special, and so are you. Embrace your true colors, ladies. Explore your true being and let it shine. 

Deborah Lighthart