7 Bad Habits for Mental Health

Most of the people take care of their physical health. And what about mental one? The unhealthy mental habits or negative way of thought can affect badly on the quality of our life. Bad mental habits damage our health, self-esteem and our life success. Do you have these most popular negative habits? Check yourself:

  1. Criticizing yourself. Yes, sometimes it’s useful to take the pink glasses off. But blaming yourself for what you have done, or what you haven’t, is far not the best idea. A non-controlled flood of negative thought results in illnesses or lack of self-respect.
  2. Exaggerating the importance of negative events. Turning each small problem into the catastrophe doesn’t let you see the things real. What is even worse, it forms a habit to expect the worse of all possible outcomes.
  3. Holding your emotions within. Maybe, you are afraid to offend someone by saying what you think, or prefer not to say because you’re sure they won’t understand you, or you deny your real feelings to some person… There are many variants. The result is one: you feel muscle tension, growing dissatisfaction and get more illnesses.
  4. Letting your thoughts flow uncontrollably. As the practice shows, when we don’t control our thoughts, we more tend to think negatively than positively. And when there’s something unpleasant going on in our heads, we become tense and dissatisfied with what surrounds us.
  5. Concentrating on your failures. We all sometimes make mistakes or become influences by unpleasant circumstances. But you never should stop doing something only because you failed once. Instead, look at how much has already been done and understand it’s useless to leave things halfway. Focus on your small victories and you won’t be taking lossess to heart.
  6. Keeping your anger inside. Our society does not support solving conflicts by means of power. But keeping bad emotions within will damage your health and the sense of well-being. Let them out in a non-harmable manner, e.g. by jogging, boxing, practicing karate, etc.
  7. Inability to forgive. As somebody said, being angry and offended with someone is the same as drinking the poison and hoping it will kill your enemies. Offences make our everyday life bitter, and instead enjoying what we have now, we keep repeating this old thrash in our heads. Is it worth it? Forgiveness makes us free and feeling better. Practicing forgiveness opens us the doors to happy and full life.

As you may notice, all of us have at least one of these habits sometimes not even realizing it. But now you can break these habits and fill your life with pleasant memories and positive reaction to the things going on in your life.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a writer with big experience. She prefers writing about business, social media, psychology and self-development. Contact Melisa at http://classyessaywriter.com/ and on Google+