YOU - It's All About You!

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Happy New Year (2014) to You! It is my purpose and passion to help You identify, develop and utilize your own personal power. Therefore, I wrote you a little note for going into the New Year…

YOU, are the first purpose in your life. ACCESS Clarity of You: the being, the human, the love, the creator, the power, the giver, the gifted, the beauty.

Bring the focus home to You and your existence within the world and universe at the beginning of each day and observe what’s happening. Consider these things:

SELF-CARE ~ Are you taking care of yourself, like you could be? What could you improve on that might help you feel better physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually? Love yourself. Close your eyes and allow your being to flow within the quietness of all existence. Find gratitude in all you have in your experience right now.

SELF-DEVELOPMENT ~ Are you expanding your awareness and taking ownership of your life experience? THIS IS YOUR LIFE. It all begins and ends with You! If you’re not expanding as You, then what are you doing? Learn the art of being mindful (thinking critically about what’s really going on). Explore more about who you really are and why you matter in the whole scheme of things ~ the universe at large. If all the world’s a stage, what part might you want to play in it with your power to choose? You are Love.

PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT ~ Realize that you are whatever you say you are and, therefore, your life is whatever you decide it can be. Don’t be rolled over any longer by becoming ‘caught up’ in any craziness around you, or be victim to any unconscious messages running through your own mind. Release yourself from any burdens given to you by others (past and present), because if you hold onto them, understand that this is your choice – it’s not your truth. You are divine spirit in human form and your own mind is what traps you sometimes ~ but you can choose what you think about or entertain. Releasing any thought burdens is a power that you possess (learn more about this if you choose). Release thoughts and interactions that don’t serve you to experience the joys that are here for you. Love Yourself and reclaim your personal power of choice to be, do and have goodness and joy … Love.

Look at the year ahead of you and see yourself smiling, in action and in peaceful moments. What do you look like? What are you doing? How do you feel?

This is Your life. It all starts with you and ends with you. Decide to experience it the way that You Want.

Best wishes to You for a very satisfying and adventurous 2014!
Much love ~
Wendy Kay, CPC
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