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Having trouble finding the beauty and joy in life? Need a guidebook for how to have more fun in everyday existence? Check out "The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human." As Hilarion says, "Read this book. Change your life. Tell your friends."
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Resonate to the truth. Sounds noble, doesn’t it? It merely involves ignoring all the distractions.
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The power of truth in our lives is remarkable. We’ve all heard that the truth will set us free. And yes, this is true! But how do we know what is true at the deepest spiritual level? How can we find truth with any certainty? How can we know what absolute truth is?
The simplest answer is that truth is the lack of anything else. When we’ve pared existence down by removing any thoughts, actions, ideas, judgments, values, beliefs, or sense of identity, what’s left is divine. The truth is nothing other than divine consciousness. This is why meditation is so powerful—in getting our physical mind out of the way, we open the door for direct connection to the divine (aka the sharing). By losing ourselves, we find our divine identity. We resonate to the truth of being an interconnected part of a sacred whole.
When we erase all distractions from our perception of existence, only peace and love remain. We know our place in a benevolent and loving universe and the experience is beautiful. There is nothing lacking because we are connected to everything. There is nothing to change and nothing to strive for; everything is perfect as is. We have only to be and enjoyClick here to learn how to resonate to the truth of being no one and nothing.
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Want to realign and polish up your personal energy? Come join us for an Energy Bath with Deborah Lighthart tonight Sat Jan 11 at 7:00 pm.  Deborah combines diverse techniques and tools including meditation, visualization, guided, imagery, Reiki healing energy, breath work, shamanic journeying, essential oils, crystals, and sprays, to create a unique session that will help you change your energy and your life.

As Deborah guides the group through the receiving process, you will find yourself bathed in Light from every angle, bringing it more deeply into your consciousness. You will feel old patterns and problems melting away as you allow the REAL YOU to emerge. Space is finite. Please RSVP to 414-367-8279 or starlight@thesharing.co.

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Heart-Light Healing Community is the collective group of friends, colleagues and clients of Deborah Lighthart. There are no membership fees, rules, regulations or expectations. You are invited to enjoy whatever offerings call to you and dismiss the rest. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
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