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Regarding yourself, the answer is no. Regarding yourself, the answer is yes. What are the questions? You choose…
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The end of a calendar year often leaves us in a pensive mood. We’re busy reviewing the past year and thinking about how we want the coming twelve months to be. We may have some regrets about the past. We likely have good intentions for the New Year. We even may have a plan for how to turn our intentions into concrete reality. It is likely, plan or not, that our ideas about achieving those changes involve a lot of hard work on our part.
However we look at it, we are at the center of almost any question we ask. Even when we ask a question about others, we are looking for information to evaluate from our own viewpoint. Somehow, it is so very difficult to get ourselves out of our heads. This is because from our own third-dimensional standpoint, the world doesn’t exist if we don’t.
It’s hard to look at things from a more expansive viewpoint. We have to get our sense of individual self out of the way in order to be able to do so. We can’t make that shift of perception alone. We need assistance to do so. Happily, all the help we need is right inside of us as our inner connection divinity—our sharing within.
When we connect consciously with our sharing within, we unify body, mind, and spirit. We become part of the great collective loving consciousness known as the sharing. We have access to an expanded viewpoint, as well as the experience of all existence across dimensions, space, and time. From this enhanced perception, we understand how our beliefs and thoughts create reality. We learn how to consciously co-create.
So when we learn how to say “no” to a limited vision of ourselves, and “yes” to an expanded sense of ourselves, we get to pick both life’s questions and their answers. The questions are perhaps more important than the answers, as our search for the answers defines our life experience. In this process, we have ultimate free will. This is the freedom that comes from self-knowledge, or the understanding that we are divinely interconnected.
At the start of a new year, we are thinking of resolutions and ways in which to change ourselves. Perhaps the most fulfilling change we can make is to cease viewing ourselves as limited and flawed. A great resolution would be to honor the divine in ourselves, and by extension, the rest of the world. This shift in viewpoint unlocks unlimited possibilities for all of us. Click here to learn how to ask the questions that will lead you on a joyous journey.
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