restoring faith

This morning, I am thinking about a man who was in the lobby of the grocery store collecting donations for people with alcohol and drug addiction. I didn't have any cash in my wallet, so I told him I'd get some cash back at the checkout and would come back then. I could see in his response that he had "heard that one before." So I said, "I'm serious, I will really come back. How long will you be here?" He said, "About another 30 minutes." I said, "Ok, I'll hurry." He laughed, with that look in his eye, like "Yeah, right." 

I did hurry. I came back in 20 minutes and he was all packed up heading out to his car. I chased him down and said, "Hey, You said I had 30 minutes! You can't leave yet!" and I stuffed my donation in his hand. I told him that my children's grandfather had dedicated his life to helping people get off the streets and off of drugs + alcohol, so it was an issue that was close to my heart. The man was so shocked (and grateful) that he stopped what he was doing, took my hand and began to pray for me. His blessing was beautiful, mostly because I could feel I had touched his heart. He assumed I was lying to get out of donating (which it was clear that a lot of people must have already done to him) and when he saw me come back, a little bit of his faith in humanity was restored. He was so grateful that he started pouring a bunch of treats in a bag for my 9yo. I stopped him, since A- we don't really need any extra treats. and B- I just gave a donation to show support, that IS the gift. Being able to help another human being is it's own reward.

I think he's on my mind this morning because the whole experience shows me that so many people can break your trust, but there is goodness in the world. Let us all perpetuate that goodness, as often as we can.

Deborah Lighthart