Inner looseness results in outer strength

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Inner looseness results in outer strength.
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We tend to think of strength as being hard. Physical endurance, diamonds, retaining walls—we view all of them as being hard and tough. We equate strength with rigidity. We feel we need to resist things to be able to bear up under them. We identify power with being physically, emotionally, and mentally fixed.  We become tight and unyielding in our desire to become strong.
Unfortunately, this leads us to overlook our greatest source of inner strength—fluidity. Consider the wind. It is an indomitable force of nature. It bends the physical to its will, shaping trees and carving stone, creating weather patterns, and providing a source of natural energy. Yet it is invisible except in its effects. We do not see the wind; we can only sense its creations.
We can watch the wind shake trees or drive wind and snow. We can observe it filling sails or spinning windmills. We can feel it on our skin. But we will never view the wind directly. Its power lies in its fluidity, changeableness, and it persistence.
Similarly, our true strength comes from our ability not to be fixed or rigid. When we are physically limber, like a willow tree, we can adapt to changing physical circumstances. Emotional and mental flexibility allows us to adapt to life rather than to resist.
Adaptability is important, as resistance is the source of most mental and emotional pain. When we are willing to be loose and changeable in our inner world, we release our preconceptions about how things are supposed to be. This allows us to enjoy things as they are—right now—and frees us to view things as they are. Liberation from expectation and judgment empowers us to savor and capitalize on any and all circumstances. This is true strength: the ability to love life in the moment Click here to learn how to get loose on the inside.
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