How to use the power of thought

Whether you agree with this or not, our thoughts have a real power. They determine the way we react to various life situations. But what is more, they define if we will have happy relationships and a dream job. Our thoughts are equal to seeds, which grow and are result in our words, actions and habits. And if something in our life doesn't look like the way we want it to, it only means that we first should change the way we think. 

Our thoughts about ourselves come first. The way we think about ourselves is the key to our life success or failure. Obviously, if you want to attract the awaited harmony and happiness in your life, the first thing you should start with is changing the way you think! So, what exactly should be done?
  1. Start following and tracking down your thoughts. At least several times a day stop for a while to realize and note down what you're thinking about. You'll be impressed by how many things come into our head every day.
  2. Take the trash out and clear some space. In order to get something new, you should prepare the space for it first. Our mind is full of rubbish minds such as repeating the dialogue with colleague, remembering the old offenses, worrying for parents, gossip, etc. So, when you catch yourself on thinking something like that - throw it away from your head straight away.
  3. Replace 'dont's' with 'do's'. Create the list of the things you don't want and replace each of these negative statements with positive one. For instance, instead of 'I don't want to argue with my girlfriend' say 'I have a happy relationship with my girlfriend'. Every time you think something bad, stop yourself and remember the positive thing.
  4. Create your new set of thoughts and the idea of what you want. Only after the previous work is done, it's time to create! Create your positive self-image. The better you think about yourself, the better you'll treat yourself and the people around you will as well. And fill in the space cleaned from the useless thoughts with an idea of what you want. Concentrate on your goals and you'll get closer to them day by day.
  5. Get ready to be in control! Controlling your minds is not an easy task! At first you may think that it's impossible, and will have a temptation to give it up. But take a little effort every day, and you'll find it's manageable. And what is most rewarding, taking your thoughts under control, you start to control your own life and achieve the ability to get what you always wanted to!

Great changes are not made in one day, and you probably won't see any result in a week or even month. But the further you go, the more you'll understand how it works for you and makes your life full of inner harmony.

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