Get The Job! Best Practice Just Got Easy

Something I found out on my own years ago, is that when you interview for a position that you REALLY WANT, and you really get attached to the outcome of the interview…you won’t get it as easily. Why? Because you’re so filled with stress thinking that if you DON’T get it, your life will not be as good as it would be if you DID get it.

It’s funny too, because it really doesn’t seem to matter what the “good” is that you’ll be getting, it’s how bad you tell yourself you “NEED” it.

It could be:
  • The money
  • The status
  • The location
  • The “benefits”
  • What your people will think of you in that position
  • The best opportunity in your field
  • Whatever!

If you NEED it, you can almost kiss it good-bye. The stress you put on yourself will not allow you to BE YOUR BEST SELF and shine in the interview. Not only will you be stiffer and more self-critical in what you say (so you look like you don’t know what you’re saying), but you’ll paralyze your own creativity and problem-solving skills, your quickness, your You! It’s a bad situation all around – you might as well just stay home.

So, What To Do About It?
I’m actually not trying to discourage you at all from getting what you want – I’m FOR people getting exactly what they want. I’ve been interviewed many times myself, but have interviewed others even more times…hundreds, in fact, maybe even into the thousands. What I found out from being on the interviewer end, is that someone just like me is on the other end when I’m being interviewed. (smile) Now I can tell you that I’ve seen how people blow it for themselves. I’ve seen how I’VE blown it for myself. Hahaha

Some years back, I actually taught several classes of college students how to conduct themselves in the interview (i.e. when to be all about what the company interviewer is looking for, and then how to determine the turning point when the interviewer wants her/him, and how to go forward into a negotiation of what they want from the position). I’ll let you know that what an interviewer wants to see is YOUR BEST. They want to know the best of you, and the only way to show them is to relax and have confidence in yourself and, ultimately, that you’re SO great that if you don’t get this particular position, that only means there’s a better fit waiting (after all, this could be not be the dream job or company that you’ve decided it is – better to leave such things to the energies of the universe, I say). But regardless, know that something good will come of the encounter. THIS IS THE FIRST THING TO KNOW: Don’t get attached, it’ll stress you out and take away all your power ~ or most of it anyway. KNOW you don’t really NEED it.

Second, today I happened upon a TED Talk I liked. I’ve embedded it below for you to watch, I think it will add a useful strategy technique to your tool kit. You can actually use it for many situations in your life to excel. I hope you enjoy it!

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