Are you with a guy who won't commit?

I read for a lot of women with broken hearts because their guys can't/won't commit. Yesterday, the Angels showed me this little scene:

Imagine that you're looking to buy a car and you tell the salesman that you're interested in a certain vehicle and that you want to put some money down it. If he told you that he'd gladly take your down payment and any other payments you want to make, but that this car was probably not going to be for sale. Would you write him a check anyway? I'm guessing that you'd probably put your checkbook back in your purse and look for another car. Your love is worth way more than money, don't put it down on a relationship that isn't available. I love that you can love with your heart wide open, but keep your eyes open too. If a guy tells you he's not sure what he wants or that he doesn't want a relationship right now, that's code for "Don't invest yourself in this one."

Deborah Lighthart