All One

Over the years, I've come to understand that all energies exist within us. All emotions. All experiences. All reactions. All perceptions. It's all within. We may define ourselves on the outside, with a structure that we are embracing at the moment, but the truth is that we have everything within us. We are loving and we are distant. We are compassionate and we are cruel. We are tender and we are cold. Everything exists within the consciousness of everyone. We can embrace or deny them, but they are all still there. 

It's funny to me what we judge as "important," "right" or "good," and what we judge as "useless," "wrong" or "bad." It's all just a momentary expression of part of the whole consciousness. Today, I may feel like it is important for me to "follow the light." Tomorrow, I may see that I need to "embrace my shadow." Last week, I may have needed to "honor my emotions" and next week, I may need to "avoid letting my emotions rule my world." All of these experiences are equally valid in the moment that I am experiencing them. They are right for me at that time, because my heart tells me they are. But they are never right forever. 

Everything changes, if we are allowing ourselves to grow. Our perceptions shift. Our understandings evolve. Our awareness expands. It keeps changing until we have seen every side of every fence and until we remember that we are all One. It's just like Dr. Bronner said, "It's All One, or none."

Heart-Light Healing Community is the collective group of friends, colleagues and clients of Deborah Lighthart. There are no membership fees, rules, regulations or expectations. You are invited to enjoy whatever offerings call to you and dismiss the rest. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
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