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Engage in a relationship with your hate. “I hate this, I hate that.” The telling part is how it identifies you, more than what you love does.
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We all have things we dislike. We don’t like waiting in line; we don’t like being sick. We may not like reality TV shows, or we may not like spicy food. Sometimes our dislike is strong enough that we term it hate. We may hate paying income taxes; we may hate intolerant people.
Love is our most uniting emotion. It is a clear indication of things and people we relate to positively. We all get a nice warm fuzzy feeling talking about what we love. It’s simple and it makes us feel good, in a very natural way. Love shows us how we perceive in an interconnected way. It is the ultimate in connection consciousness.
Hate is our most polarizing emotion. It is a strong and clear delineation of things or people we relate to negatively. We may get a strong and powerful feeling talking about what we hate.  It’s all too easy and it makes us feel good, in an uneasy sort of way. Hate shows us how we perceive in a divided and judgmental way. It is the ultimate in separation consciousness.
Understanding what or whom we hate and why is useful. Underlying the hate are beliefs we hold which help keep us caught in separation consciousness.  Knowing why we hate allows us to choose different beliefs, ones which are more supportive of life in conscious connection with divinity. Click here to learn how our hate can show us what keeps us spiritually stuck.
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