You Versus Stress: A Winning Battle

It's not possible to be human and not encounter stress on a regular basis. Circumstances vary from one person to another, but stress is something that creeps in everyone's life. The effects are pretty much the same, but how a person deals with it are always different. A college student who's motivated by stress to finish his research papers on time is different from one who ends up panicking and finishing nothing due to stress. Both students go through the same thing but their way of dealing with stress leads to two different results.

Stress has a negative connotation, but it can be a good thing. In small dosages, it can boost productivity levels and improve focus. But long-term stress has a more harmful effect on a person's physical and psychological state. Letting stress take over your life will result to weak concentration on tasks, irritability, poor work or school performance, and other negative physical complications.
But it's not a battle you can't win. In fact, once you accept the fact that stress is a normal occurrence in life, facing it is the only option left. The first thing you have to understand is that stress isn't something that you have to treat. It's something you have to deal with. There's no medicine or medical procedure that can exempt you from stress ever again. What you can do, however, is learn how you can adapt and cope with the worries and dilemmas caused by stress.
When dealing with stress, remember that it's up to you to make it worse or better. Of course, you must choose to make it better. Do that by trying the following:

  1. Take a deep breath. It's best to take a step back when everything is getting a bit overwhelming. Look at the bigger picture, but instead of going on a panic attack, take a deep, long breaths. Don't stop until you've managed to calm yourself. This is a tactic no matter what type of stress you're facing.
  2. Scream. Now, this may contradict what's mentioned above, but sometimes letting it all out is the only way to release stress. Go some place where no one will be distracted by what you have to do. A rooftop or an empty park are ideal places where you can scream as loud as possible until you're exhausted. You'll feel a hundred kilos lighter after.
  3. Write about it. Believe it or not, writing can be pretty calming. Be it on the back of your notebook or a journal or a blog, writing down your frustrations can help you expel the negativity from your system. The key to coping with stress is relieving it out of your mind. To let it out through writing is a good way to do it.
  4. Create a healthy support system. Luckily for some, it's something that comes naturally in the form of family. If your family is far away, create a loving and supportive relationship with your friends. They can absorb your stress for you or help you throw all the worries away.
  5. Smile. Even if it's the last thing you feel like doing, smile. Even if you look crazy in the process, smile. Even when you feel like crying, smile. Smile, because that's the only way you'll feel better when no one is around to calm you down or boost your confidence.
  6. Create a mantra. Choose a mantra that will work best for you. It's something you can tell yourself when stress is taking its toll on you. It can be as simple as "I can do it!" or as silly as "I'm stronger than Katniss Everdeen, and I can deal with any stress thrown my way!" Repeat until you're better.
  7. Sing, dance, be silly. Do everything you can to make light of the situation. It's not being irresponsible, but simply being brave enough to stare at stress in the face and say it can't bring you down.
Stress can wear you out, but you can always have the upper hand. You'll always be facing this battle, so you might as well learn how to fight a winning one.

About the Author: Ella Myers is a writer for UK Best Essay. She loves reading and blogs about it at Ella the Bookworm. Connect with her on Google+.