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Start the New Year with a focus on creating joy. Read The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human and learn how to feel happier and freer every day of your life. What a great commitment to make to yourself: your happiness.
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Spacious presence; condensed intent. Result: poof, presto, abracadabra—it is.
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The end of a calendar year often leaves us in a pensive mood. We’re busy reviewing the past year and thinking about how we want the coming twelve months to be. We may have some regrets about the past. We likely have good intentions for the New Year. We even may have a plan for how to turn our intentions into concrete reality. It is likely, plan or not, that our ideas about achieving those changes involve a lot of hard work on our part.
We tend to equate progress with effort. In doing so, we overlook our greatest ally—all the rest of creation. We forget that we are an inseparable part of a divine interconnected whole: the sharing. Through this interconnection, the resources of the entire universe are at our disposal. We need only acknowledge our inner divinity and our role as co-creators of existence, to tap into this bounty of possibility.
When we expand our viewpoint to see life as a cooperative, group experience rather than something that happens to us, our ability to shape our lives expands. We cease to be victims of circumstance and instead are divinely inspired architects of reality. We take responsibility for the results of our choices, both conscious and unconscious. If we don’t like the results, we know we have the freedom of will to choose something else instead.
Recognizing that we have the inborn power to craft our existence consciously gives strength to our visions. Ensuring our beliefs, thoughts, actions, and words are in alignment with our goals gives a laser-beam focus to our intentions. We are simultaneously expanded in our conscious connection and condensed in our attention to what we create—this is the point of power. This is how the seemingly magical occursClick here to learn more about achieving your goals more easily.
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Want to start the New Year feeling relaxed and balanced? If you are Reiki attuned, consider attending Reiki sharing on Friday Jan 3rd. What a great way to set an intention of self-care for the coming year.
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