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Want to give friends and loved ones the gift of a happier life? Consider giving them a copy (paper or electronic) of my book, "The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human." It has a combination of esoteric and practical information, as well as exercises that can help readers feel more content and fulfilled as they read along through the book. More joy in life: what a perfect gift!
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Allowing yourself to feel comfort is no different than allowing yourself to feel pain. With what do you choose to gift yourself?
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This is the time of year we’re focused on giving presents. We have lists of things to buy or make. We make our choices with care. We hope others will appreciate what we give them.  We want to bring them joy.
Unfortunately, this focus on joy tends to be seasonal and it also leaves out important individuals: us. We tend to lose our focus on creating and feeling happiness after a spurt of gift giving. We also forget to include ourselves on the list of folks to please. It’s important to allow ourselves the opportunity to be happy and fulfilled. This is why we are here—to enjoy life. It is our entire reason for being, and we often lose sight of it.
Our perception of life is governed by our beliefs. Our thoughts arise from our beliefs, and the emotions we feel are in alignment with our thoughts. Events in life are essentially neutral, brought to us by the universe (aka the sharing) to incent us to expand our consciousness. Our thoughts put spin on life events, dictating how we experience them. We alone are in charge of our thoughts and our resulting emotions. We choose what we allow ourselves to think, and therefore how we feel.
Once we understand this, the only sane choice is to choose thoughts and beliefs which bring us pleasure. We can make choices about what we permit ourselves to believe and think and how we feel. We can allow ourselves to opt for thoughts and emotions that make us happy and fulfilled. We can elect to experience more joy, by deciding what we want to think and feel. This is a splendid gift to give ourselves this holiday season, and every other day of the year, too. Click here to learn more about how give yourself the gift of loving life..
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The Harmonic Concordance is not a once-and-done event. It is a way of approaching life---harmonizing all aspects of yourself helps you recognize the beauty and divinity in yourself and others. Visit Johnny Mirehiel's Harmonic Concordance blog to read more timely posts on the concept. Enjoy!
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