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Good Morning!

I can't believe next week is Christmas!  Where has this month gone?  For me, this has always been a busy time of year, but a fun one!  It has always been a time of parties and gathering with family and friends.  And, of course, it is a time of giving; we give our attention, our money, our time, and more time and more money and more, more, more...!!   With all this giving, I was drawn to ask my yoga students last night "Are you open to receiving?".  That statement was met with looks of confusion, of shock and a few chuckles.  "That's crazy!", "Of course not!!  That would be selfish ~ there's no time for me right now" were the thoughts "heard" behind the stares.  For the next hour we opened to receiving ~ we even stated out loud "I open to receiving...".  Giving is a wonderful thing!  Our time and money can do so much for others, however, when it is at the expense of our own balance and joy in life, what have we really given?  The best gift you can give to others is a balanced, happy you!  Being open to receive isn't just about gifts in the form of wrapped packages, though, let's be honest, gifts are fun!  Being open to receive may allow for a "free" hour to appear in your day when you didn't think you'd have a minute to spare.  When we set the intention to be open, we never know what the universe will bless us with!  Take a moment right now to receive a reminder breath that you are important too; many of us forget that this time of year ~ especially you Moms!  Deep cleansing breaths are the best way to keep your sanity when all around you seems to be in chaos!  In the next couple of weeks, as you continue to give of yourself, offer up the intention to also receive ~ then take some deep breaths and leave yourself open for everything wonderful that wants to come your way!  


Tonight will be the last Wednesday evening class (6:15-7:30).   In January, I'll be teaching at Snap Fitness in Menomonee Falls!!

This Saturday's Yoga Roulette class will be taught by me!  See you at 8:30...

Breathe & Begin Level I returns in January, at two locations!  The class will be held here at Treetop on the four Mondays of January from 6-7:15pm.  If you know someone who has been interested, but feels we are too far away from them, I will also be offering this class on Wednesday evenings at Snap Fitness in Menomonee Falls (Appleton Ave & Good Hope Rd) from 6-7:30pm.  A gift certificate for the series would be a great incentive for someone who needs a little nudge!  $75 for the series here at Treetop, $80 for the series at Snap Fitness.

Please note the holiday yoga schedule...
Tuesday, December 24th ~ 9-10:15am, taught by me, no evening class
Wednesday, December 25th ~ no classes
Thursday, December 26th ~ no classes
Saturday, December 28th ~ 8:30-9:45am taught by Carla Gesell
Tuesday, December 31st ~ 9-10:15am taught by Carla Gesell, no evening class
Wednesday, January 1st ~ no classes
Thursday, January 2nd ~ 9-10:15am taught by Carla Gesell

UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP with an email to register

It's a wonderful time of the year to connect with loved ones who have passed on so join us tomorrow night at our "Sharing the Holiday with Spirits" featuring medium Jen Martin from The Soul Source in West Bend.  Jen is a gifted medium and has been here twice already.  Not everyone in attendance will receive a message, but everyone can share in the joy of the eternal connections we all have.   $25

The next Energy Exchange is this Friday, December 20th from 7-9pm!  If you have received training in any energy modality (reiki, cranio sacral, massage, crystal healing), you are welcome to join us!  Everyone gets time on the table.  $10 

Coming up in 2014...
Meditation with Joel Gollhardt ~ Tuesday, January 7th at 7:45.  
Angel Circle with Lori Falk of the Crystalline Institute ~ Thursday, January 9th from 7-9pm.
Reiki Level 2 training with Diane McKee ~ Friday, January 10th and Saturday January, 11th.
An Evening with The Mary Group, Friday, January 17th 7-10pm
ENnergy Exchange ~ Saturday (to accommodate The Mary Group on Friday), January 18th 7-9pm

Join us for classes or upcoming events!  Check out our website Here!  

Remember, while it's a wonderful thing to's also really wonderful (and fun) to receive!!  May your upcoming week be filled with love and magical moments whether you celebrate Christmas or not!