The Praise, Celebration + Shine Manifesto from

The Praise, Celebration + Shine Manifesto


This manifesto is dedicated to all who dare to shine & particularly those who love seeing others shine

As women we empower each other the most when we CELEBRATE each other.
Not only our successes, however sweet these are, but also our deepest dreams, aspirations, creative works & life art in process. Your life is your first, and most powerful art. When you shine, you open up unlimited life, for yourself and for the world. 

It all comes down to the simple power of praise. appreciation. gratitude. love.

Gratitude is the most powerful life catalyst: experience the highest possibility. YOUR possibility.


consider. explore. ask

What and WHO are you deeply thankful for?

WHO do you appreciate most?

What do others appreciate most about you?

What are you getting the hottest praise for?

What are you most proud of when someone

thanks you for what you are contributing?

How much appreciation do you let in? do you let yourself feel from others? how about from yourself?

Here is the next level.

What makes you shine like nothing else?


*what lights you up

*what gets you giddy

*what you love most to do

*what makes you jump out of bed in the morning excited

{If you’re not jumping out of bed in the morning excited you just haven’t found it, or, perhaps you’re not engaging it enough, yet. Keep looking. Stay open. Dive deeper into what pulls on you}

*What’s your shine?*

Indulge your thing. Be who you most long to be: you.
Beat your shine shyness. Step into the spotlight. Your true spotlight is in loving what you are doing, {or what you love most, it’s really this simple: then you ARE the spotlight}

THIS is the difference you are making.

Share the spotlight: It’s not so much about how you are shining, as to how much you get others to shine around + with you. Notice what makes others light up, observe their body language when they discuss their dreams. Bring out their beauty.

Dare to be this beautiful

True beauty is how much beauty you draw out in others, how beautiful you make them feel: it’s so much more than surface appearances, so much more than what you think you see.

Beauty awakens the soul to act ~ Dante Alighieri

Hold the highest vision for your loved ones: be the person they can’t wait to call or message with the most exciting words of all: “Remember when we talked about…well, you are never going to believe it, but…” Be the person they think of first when they accomplish their deepest dreams + want to celebrate their successes. Success thrives on possibility.

Remember:“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou 

Celebrate the women in your life. Support them {+ their life’s work} with your Facebook likes + shares: this empowers us all: when you empower another woman in your life, she always amplifies + shares the love you gave her with as many people as she possibly can.

Send the women that inspire you a note just to tell them how beautiful they are, how beautiful their lives are + how they have touched yours.

Don’t be shy to shine: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell knew a thing or two about authenticity + life design. This quote is the opening idea in his book, Reflections on the Art of Living.

I remind myself of this privilege when I feel like hiding, when I get shy. We all get shy at times, and this is okay as long as it doesn’t hold you back from living what you are here to experience. It takes great self respect + humility to truly shine. It requires a high degree of courage + a willingness to take responsibility at a whole new level.

When you step into who you are you empower others to step fully into themselves.

Never underestimate the difference this makes

Thank you for sharing who you are in the world,
Endless love, always,
Premakarini X

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