Quiet Mind

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Come out of that Mental Chaos! Learn the practice of a Quiet Mind.

Don’t you just want to ‘shut down’ the clutter in your mind sometimes? It’s easy to get caught up into everything going on around you, and into specific situations of your life, and then get trapped in your own mind.

When this happens, it’s difficult to focus and sleep, you’re energy just drains from you, and you become easily overwhelmed. You may notice that you’re not even ‘present’ a lot of the time with your loved ones, so your relationships and love-life get totally out of whack, you’re anxious more often and you may experience the feelings of being out of control.

So what’s the solution?

You want to learn to quiet your mind in ways, and then practice them. Practice them because it’s like taking a vacation any time you want. It can lead to experiences of the ‘ultimate’ feelings/knowingness of wellbeing. You actually have the ability to self-rejuvenate with the clam, relaxation of these practices by taking control of your own mind/life. You’ll begin to live life more intentionally, opposed to reactionary where you’re left feeling almost victimized. You can focus better on the things that you WANT to focus on and become more productive in what you choose to produce. You’ll be ‘present’ in your life again, for yourself and others who are looking for you. (smile) Sex will be better (women).

But most importantly, when you practice a quiet mind, you access clarity, bring love to yourself, find the value in your life, and experience more peace and joy. You just FEEL GOOD!

Now How do you do this?

First, it’s important to understand why this is happening: fear, worry, the subconscious mind
Then, examine how well you’re loving yourself, and what you can do to improve that relationship.

It’s best to start with the above, but if you just want to jump into practice and get back to that (which will retard the overall consistency, but still serve to improve your current situation), consider doing a few of the following:

Useful ‘Quiet Mind’ Practices, Tools & Tricks: (Always in a space and time by yourself)
  • Take a Walk outside
  • Spend time in nature
  • Write the clutter out
  • Listen to Guided Meditations or do your own deep breathe/releasing meditations
  • Create a Morning Ritual of quiet, just you, time for at least an hour each morning that you can make a conscious connection with God/the Universe/Higher Power/ Source/Higher Self, ask questions and stay quiet for answers to come. Read a quote or daily thought to contemplate for improving yourself/life. Jot down at least 10 things you’re grateful for in your life that day. Do a 3-5 minute visualization of seeing, feeling, tasting, touching and smelling something you want to do, be or have (experience it in the moment as if you already have it or are there in the moment). And/Or whatever else you want to give to yourself in that time of self-care to intentionally set up your attitude for the day and bring yourself goodness in that time.
  • Ride a bike/exercise
  • Let go of unwanted feelings, just for now, and just because you want to and you can.
  • Intentionally practice Releasing the Resistance throughout your body and in your mind.
  • Take a nice, warm shower just to enjoy the warmth and flow of the water – let it relax you.
  • At bedtime – utilize focused repeating/releasing to fall asleep calmer and faster.

Many women suffer from not being able to quiet their minds at will or regularly. For that reason, I’ve created a Group Coaching exclusively for women that will begin in the first week of January. In this group, you can experience the unity of women undergoing a common goal – which is to regain the clarity, peace and intention back into their lives as we explore, learn and practice many of the core tools to creating lifelong practices, as well as once in a lifetime discoveries, that make these desired results part of our everyday lives. Let me help you help yourself take control of your own mind and life. If you’re interested in this YOU-dedicated time, effort and experience, please visit my designated Group Coaching site at: feelgoodworkshop.com and click on the tab for Quiet Mind.

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