NEW RELEASE: Reiki 101

Reiki 101  
The NEW Mohr Method of Healing  
Level One Self-Study Guide 

by Lisa Mohr, LMT

Dynamic, practical, and fun ... it's exciting to know each of us has the power to heal ourselves and those around us.Lisa Mohr's experience and skills in Reiki are embodied in this book.-Dr. Coral Slavin, Owner of Well Rounded Maternity Center

Lisa Mohr's classes are life-changing, just as this self-study course promises to be. The Mohr Method of Healing has my full endorsement.
-Jennifer McCommons, PA

A new and practical way to learn and use Reiki-the Universal Life Force-to heal yourself and others.Completely applicable to every moment of your day. Learn Reiki, the Law of Attraction, and Energy Protection all in one! Developed by Reiki Master, healer, and licensed massage therapist, Lisa Mohr, this form of Reiki training is the most practical and effective system available. After completing this Self-Study Guide, you will be able to apply these skills whenever you desire.

Simply learning Reiki isn't enough in our world-you also need to learn how to protect your energy from people and situations that drain you. Don't just be victim to your world. Exposure to disease and negativity does affect your mind, body and spirit. Take control of your life, your health, and your happiness with Reiki.  

Reiki 101 will teaches how to channel Reiki energy, how to Protect your Energy, and basic Law of Attraction energy, Chakras, and more! This manual includes detailed instructions and full-color images for the hand positions for treating yourself and others, as well as instructions on how to intuitively "scan" yourself and others.

This Beginner Reiki training book includes the code for a Virtual Attunement and a Reiki Certificate upon the completion of this training course.
This full color self-study guide also includes a virtual attunement and Reiki Level One certification.  
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ISBN: 978-159598268-7
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About the Author
Lisa Mohr, LMT is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master, author, astrologer, gifted metaphysical lecturer, and spiritual advisor. She is skilled in interpreting reiki energy, premonitions, synchronicities, dreams, and other 'signs' in our world. Her passions include writing, teaching, energy protection, meditation, advanced psychic development, and the law of attraction. At just 19 years of age, she began teaching Reiki and "Intention" (also known as "The Law of Attraction").

"Learning Reiki has opened up my intuitive abilities beyond words. I believe that it is a gateway to tapping into the dormant parts of our brain."

Everyone has the ability to tap into the part of their spirit that tells them who is calling on the phone, when to bring an umbrella, when to go on that second date, when to take that job, when to leave that job, etc. Life is SO much easier when we listen to our inner compass and follow it! A large part of what I do is validate what people are feeling, sensing, or seeing. Many of my students begin their session with stories of how they knew something was going to happen, and then it did. Or they might share a paranormal story with me that they never told anyone about, in fear of being ridiculed. What I have discovered is that everyone has one of these stories. That is, something that makes no logical sense, and yet it happened, and they either experienced it, or knew it was coming.  

Lisa Mohr, LMT, is also the founder of The Mohr Method of Healing, LLC, and author of the NEW Mohr Method of Healing Self-Study Guides for Reiki Levels 1, 2, and 3 and 29 Strokes to Lavish Your Lover.   

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