Happy New Year! And a very special offer from me!

New Year Greetings!

I am writing to you today to, first of all, wish you a
Very Happy and Joyful New Year
May all your dreams come true!

I am currently doing a special fundraiser with my angels!
And I am offering you a super-special pricing on the following fine art, limited editiongiclee prints,
through January 5th, 2013:
(Please order no later than January 5th, as I have to wrap the angels up and get them to the post office for you!)
The links will allow you to see the angel print. Please, order by sending me a return email, as this is a special pricing for you. Thank you!

1. Angel of Joy http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/599165/angel-of-joy
2. Angel of Courage http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/698342/angel-of-courage
3. Angel of Hope http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/599141/angel-of-hope
4. Angel of Freedom http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/698299/angel-of-freedom
5. Angel of Grace http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/698333/angel-of-grace
6. Angel of Golden Dreams http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/596321/angel-of-golden-dreams
7. Angel of Manifestation http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/745276/angel-of-manifestation
8. Angel of Forgiveness http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/614489/angel-of-forgiveness
9. Angel of Peace http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/599364/angel-of-peace
10. Angel of Passion http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/596135/angel-of-passion
11. Angel of Love http://bettinastar-rose.com/works/599173/angel-of-love

The prints are all archival giclee prints and part of my limited editions. They are all hand-signed and numbered.

I offer you these angels at $60 per piece, instead of $99 (plus $8 insured domestic shipping/handling, $12 international shipping/handling,
and plus sales tax, if applicable). I will use the raised funds to challenge my abilities to new levels.

I will ship the prints flat, in a print protector with backing board and well wrapped!

I wonder which angel will be chosen most?

I hope this special offer is special to you, as it certainly is special to me. I have never done a personal fundraiser!
So, here is a newbie! And my wish is for it to contribute to your life!

Thank you from my heart, for your contribution to my life!

Great Joy,
Bettina 'Star-Rose' Madini

Bettina Star-Rose