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Looking for a last minute gift for an animal lover? Consider presenting him or her with a gift certificate for an animal communication session with Anne. Animal communication is fun and can help resolve issues and deepen relationships between humans and their pets. The gift certificate is emailed to you and you can either print it or forward it to the recipient. The session itself is done over the phone. A photo is helpful, but not necessary. It's and easy and thoughtful gift of caring.
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The present I offer you is the gift of self-awareness. This is a beautiful way to enjoy your life—as a self-aware being.
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In life there are many challenges. Perhaps the greatest challenge is to become aware of one’s own true nature. When we learn who we really are, life becomes easier, experiences are sweeter, and we find it naturally easier to be happier.
Understanding of one’s true nature isn’t about one’s interests or talents—those are about the nature of one’s physical mind and body. One’s true nature is about inherent spiritual connection to divinity. We are all innately divine beings living in an intrinsically interconnected universe: the sharing. We are an inseparable part of the divine, each and every one of us.
The nature of physical life on Earth makes it easy to forget one’s inner divinity. This is the gift I offer you this holiday season: a quick and easy meditation to help seat awareness of your true nature more completely in your consciousness. It is energetically encoded to facilitate unfolding within your physical mind. Click here to open Hilarion's gift of assistance in understanding your true nature.
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Want to start the New Year feeling relaxed and balanced? If you are Reiki attuned, consider attending Reiki sharing on Friday Jan 3rd. What a great way to set an intention of self-care for the coming year.
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