Christmas Eve

I am remembering my first Christmas Eve as an official adult. I was 18yo and I lived in an apartment on the lower east side of Milwaukee with my boyfriend, David DeYoung. We were shopping together until like 11pm when I finally gave up trying to find the perfect present for my father and I just settled on a wallet from Walgreens. I remember how it felt to walk out into the snowy night, with a mixture of relief and disappointment over my day's haul. I looked up to the sky and let the flakes fall on my face. The day was over. The stores were closing. What I got was what I got. I remember how stressed I was about getting the greatest things I could and how David said that my parents wouldn't care what I bought for them, that they would just be glad I came to Christmas. At the time, I thought to myself, "Dude, you are crazy, OF COURSE my parents are going to care what I buy for them! I lived with them for 18 years, they saw my face every single day. Seeing it again is not going to be anything special at all. But, I'll stop shopping now, if it's killing you that much." We went home and wrapped my measly little presents and prepared to celebrate Christmas. Flash forward to 2014 and now, I'm a parent with college-aged kids. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I couldn't give a flying hoot about what they buy me, as long as I get to see their beautiful faces on Christmas. In fact, I'd rather they never stress themselves about presents EVER, since they ARE the greatest gifts I could ever ask for. They are such amazingly loving, compassionate, caring, strong, intelligent, creative, clever, fabulous people and I am so lucky to get to have them in my life.

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