Body-Mind-Spirit Power Hour: Inspiring Story with Marla Mckenna

Due to technical difficulties, you will need to fast forward through the first 6 minutes of this show. So sorry everyone!

If you're looking for some help in getting every aspect of your life into Divine Alignment, then we've got a show for you! During this webcast, you'll see a blend of Angel Messages, Informational Mini-Classes and Lectures, Talkshow-type Interviews, Creative Performances, Interactive Q+A Time and a wide variety of Tools, Tips + Techniques to help you Achieve Health, Happiness and Wholeness. 

Marla Mckenna of shares her inspiring journey as an author

Kelly Geisler of shares her Weekly Soulful Artwork Message
Sandra Margulius of shares a Tarot Card of the Week

Deborah Lighthart of
Mary Baxter of