2 Very Powerful Healing Meditation opportunities this Thursday (12/19) and Saturday (12/21)!!!

Greetings conscious ones, 

This is a gentle reminder that there are 2 very powerful healing meditation opportunities this week at Affiliated Wellness Group (4650 N Port Washington Rd, Glendale, enter through the "Lexington Entrance")

Thursday (12/19/13), 6:30pm-7:15pm ($6 fee)
Guided Meditation to balance the bodies energy centers and vibrational field. This guided meditation allows the body and mind to relax, therefore putting you at your highest potential for self-healing. 


Saturday (12/21/13), 4:00pm-5:15pm (donations from the heart accepted)
Kundalini Yoga Meditation with mantra "Long Ek Ong Kar." This extraordinary Laya Yoga chant brings the soul and destiny present. It suspends you above conflicts and lets your activity serve your highest purpose. The word Laya refers to suspension from the ordinary world. Laya Yoga fixes your attention and energy on your essence and higher conscious without normal distractions and attachments having power over your reactive awareness. The practice of this meditation gives intuition and the ability to heal.

Please gift yourself this time for you, your physical and mental relaxation, your mental clarity, and most importantly your highest good

Looking forward to seeing all of your lovely souls!


Michele Anderson, HTCP, RN, RYT
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner
Kundalini Yoga Teacher

"Every happening is a lesson, a message." ~Yogi Bhajan