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Good Afternoon!

As we close in on the Thanksgiving holiday, the instinct is to write about gratitude; reminding every one to pause with gratitude and appreciation for, well, everything.  Today, however, I'm pulled to take a slightly different approach.  Today, I'm asking you to pause for a moment and realize how many people (and maybe animals too) are grateful for YOU!  This was calling to me because so many of you who read this already do have a strong sense of gratitude for your lives and you express it regularly.  What I believe many of you don't have as much awareness of, is the value you bring to the lives of those around you.   Many of you have probably never stopped to think about the wonderful aspects of you (heavens no ~ that would be boastful or bragging)!  So, today I ask (or maybe "challenge") you to step into your worth; what do you bring to the Thanksgiving (and every day) table?  What is it about YOU that others are so thankful for?  Maybe you provide the comic relief, maybe you are the compassionate ear, maybe your hugs are craved by all who know you, maybe your wisdom is sought by friends and family, maybe you're great with problem solving, maybe your voice soothes during chaos.  My point here is that many of us don't realize how valuable we truly are to others.  Know that when you share those aspects of you with others, you are sharing love.  Jim and I attended a Mary Group session at Haleybird Studios on Friday (a beautiful yoga studio ~ if you have the opportunity, attend some classes or events there) and one of the topics was the white light people have reported seeing and being drawn to during near death experiences.  What was explained was that the light is the culmination of all the love we expressed and shared during our lifetime.   When you have shown kindness to a clerk having a rough day, that's love; when he or she returns the kindness (love) to someone else, it reaches even further.  The Mary Group explained that the love all the way down that line, that was created by your initial kindness, is also a part of that white light.  Isn't that beautiful?  We are that powerful ~ you are that valuable!  Look inside today and see your worth, be grateful for YOU and the love you will continue to generate, just by being you.


There will be no Wednesday evening class this week.  

The Saturday Roulette class will be taught by Carla Gesell so come spend some time in the treetops after the eating and shopping!

The Breathe & Begin Level II series will start on Monday, December 2nd at 6:15.  If you took Level I or are just getting back into yoga after an absence, this is the series for you.  We will build on what was taught in Level I giving you some time to increase your strength, flexibility and posture knowledge.  $65 for the series of 4 classes.  Please email me your intent to attend (even if you already have done that ~ just to confirm) as I choose to have a minimum of 4 to hold the class.

Breathe & Begin Level I returns in January.  This four week series is a great way to begin a yoga practice.  Do you know someone who could benefit from yoga?  A gift certificate for the series would be a great incentive for someone hesitant to start!  $75 for the series.  

I would appreciate some feedback on our yoga schedule.  Are there times you wish we had a class and we don't?  Our Wednesday evening class hasn't really taken off; several of you have come, just not on the same day.  I'm happy to keep it on the schedule if that time works, if not, I can change things to be more accommodating.   Also, I'm open and available for daytime yoga classes at schools or in corporate environments; I'll teach to girl scout troops etc.  Let me know if I can be of assistance!  I'm happy to teach anywhere!

UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register

Meditation with Joel Gollhardt is being moved (just this month) to December 10th at 7:45.  Come for yoga at 6:15, then stay for meditation! $15  

Joel can't make it for Meditation on the 3rd, but, in a last minute addition to the calendar, he will be back on Thursday, December 5th for another Evening of Curiosity, past life readings.  Have you ever been curious about why you were so instantly drawn to some people in your life?  You may share a deep connection that was first established in a previous life.  Likewise, we sometimes can't seem to "gel" with someone, for no apparent reason.  Again, there may be a thread of energy that has woven its way through from a past life experience with that person.  For Joel, our past life stories come to him in the same way we are able to tune to a radio station we wish to listen to.  He is gifted in his connections to spirit and we think it's a lot of fun for him to share what he gets!  We'll gather from 7-9pm and the exchange for this evening is $20.

Mark your calendar for December 7th!!  Rosie Sheinbein (Ram) will be here from 1-3pm for Kundalini, Kirtan and a Gong Bath!  Ram has incredible energy and I'm thrilled she wants to share her gifts with us!  $35

The Energy Exchange goes back to the third Friday in December, the 20th, so mark your calendars now!

Several of you have asked when we will be having Energy Quartet appointments again; well, James and Joel are available on Saturday, December 21st so set up your appointment now!  Appointments to start at 1pm!!  An Energy Quartet session combines a custom meditation written by Joel Gollhardt with energy work administered by me, Jim, James Patt and Joel.  It's powerful work and can assist you in moving through a challenging time or assist you in your own spiritual expansion!  Joel reads the meditation while James, Jim and I begin the energy work; Joel joins in on the energy work when the meditation is complete.  At the end of the session, there is time for questions or to share insights received.  The entire session lasts approximately 1 hour.  $120 for a session.

Join us for classes or upcoming events!  Check out our website Here!  

I'll start off this "Grateful for Me" Sunday by saying, I love and am grateful for my sense of humor!  I think my humor brings joy and smiles to many people and I'm so happy I can make people laugh, often to ease a difficult you go...