Treetop news...

Good Morning!

The weather is definitely ushering us into winter.  I just felt many of you cringe!  That's okay, we'll move through it together!  When I was a kid and we would talk about being cold, my folks would say, "Cold hands, warm heart"...I like that!  When it's colder outside, expand your inner warmth, your light, and share it with others.  On a physical level, try this the next time you feel cold, maybe getting into a cold car and it isn't warming up fast enough...squeeze your whole body...make fists, curl your toes etc.  Engage all your muscles for just a moment, then release; engage again, then release.  Repeat this a couple more times and you'll notice your body start to warm up.  It works!!  


Some of you have asked for an expanded (level II) Breathe & Begin series so here it is!  I have decided to make the four Mondays of December a Breathe & Begin Level II series.  If you feel like you would like a few more weeks to improve your strength in the postures you've already learned and learn a few more postures, this is the series for you.  $65 for the series of 4 classes.  Email me to register!

Time Change!  Our Saturday Yoga Roulette class is now at 8:30am on Saturdays; the earlier start means an earlier finish (9:45am) and more time for your day.  

Due to a crazy kid schedule ~ I know you Moms can relate ~ we have decided to drop the Friday morning 9am Follow the Yogi class with Laura Watson.  Look for Laura to bring an occasional Ashtanga class to our Saturday mornings. 

UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register

Reiki Level I was fabulous and we have already scheduled Reiki Level II training for January 10th and 11th!  Whether you've only had Level I training or would like a refresher on Level II, you are welcome to join us.  $125

This Thursday, November 14th, the Angel Circle, facilitated by Lori Falk of the Crystalline Institute returns from 7-9pm.  This is a great way to practice connecting with your angels to receive messages of support and guidance.  Lori is a Visionary Artist and both Jim and I have angel portraits (a piece of artwork that depicts who we are becoming spiritually); mine hangs in the studio and Jim's is in the treatment room.  To check out Lori's beautiful artwork, click Here!  $25 if you pre-register (email me), $30 at the door.

Saturday, November 16th is our next Energy Exchange!  If you have training in any energy modality (reiki, massage, cranio sacral, etc) you are welcome to join us.  Everyone gets time on the table.  This is an opportunity for all of us to give and receive.  Self care is so important, yet we often leave ourselves for last.  Put yourself first and join us from 7-9pm.  Stay after for a "snack" potluck.  $10 to share in the exchange.

Several of you have asked when we will be having Energy Quartet appointments again.  If you are interested in an appointment, please email me and we'll set up appointments as requests come in.  An Energy Quartet appointment combines a custom meditation written by Joel Gollhardt with energy work administered by me, Jim, James Patt and Joel.  It's powerful work and can assist you in moving through a challenging time or simply boost your love of life!  Joel reads the meditation while James, Jim and I begin the energy work; Joel joins in on the energy work when the meditation is complete.  At the end of the session, there is time for questions or to share insights received.  The entire session lasts approximately 1 hour.  $120 for a session.

Mark your calendar for December 7th!!  Rosie Sheinbein (Ram) will be here from 1-3pm for Kundalini, Kirtan and a Gong Bath ~ WOW!  Ram has incredible energy and I'm thrilled she wants to share her gifts with us!  $35

Join us for classes or upcoming events!  Have you seen our website?  If not, click Here!  

The sun has moved just enough to be shining in my eyes right now and the sky looks clear so enjoy this beautiful sunny day!