Treetop News...

Good Morning!

What to say on a rainy Thursday!  I am so grateful for the beautiful maple tree right outside the studio window over the stairs; it is the most amazing, "sunshiney" yellow and on a rainy day like today, it is bringing lots of brightness!  This morning, a new student to the studio commented on how beautiful it was and how she would look at it during downward dog.  As we continued to chat, the comment was made that the leaves are beautiful now, but as they fall, the bare trees make her sad.  It brought up an observation I've made before and so I decided to share it again.  If you've heard this before, feel free to scroll down.  I explained my observations of evergreen trees.  This was something I noticed up north one year; there is a very large island on "our" lake and I love watching the trees change over the seasons.  The island is like a stage to me and it's as if I'm watching a play.   During the summer, evergreens blend in with the trees around them creating an ensemble cast on the stage.  Although the greens may vary and the leaves vary in shape and size, they blend together beautifully.  During the fall the trees with the changing colors seem to step forward, becoming the stars of the show.  As the leaves fall, the evergreens step forward and take center stage.  Through the winter, they are the green that reminds us of the spring to come.  They stand, majestic and proud, supporting wildlife and bringing incredible beauty to a season many find difficult.  One of my favorite "pictures" of winter is an evergreen dusted with snow and a bright red cardinal singing from it's branches.  Come spring, as the leaves return to the other trees, the evergreens happily return to being a part of the ensemble cast.  They move back and forth from ensemble to center stage year after year with out ego or fear.  That observation got me thinking about us humans.  I have heard of life being referred to as a play with all of us playing roles.  Looking back, how do you see your "roles" over the years?  Do you take center stage when it's offered to you or does your fear keep you always part of the ensemble cast?  Can you be a part of an ensemble cast ~ or do you feel the need to always be center stage?  Those evergreens are offering us a great lesson!  


This Saturday's Yoga Roulette class will be taught by me and, JUST THIS SATURDAY, we are changing the time to 8:30am.  The class will end at 9:45 so the Reiki training can begin at 10am.  If you are signed up for Reiki training, this class will be a great way to start your day!!

The November Breathe & Begin series starts Monday!  If you took the class in the past and enjoyed it, please pass on the information to friends who may be interested.  The fee for the four classes is $75.  The November dates are all Mondays again ~ November 4, 11, 18 and 25th.  Hope you can join us!

Some of you have asked for an expanded (level II) Breathe & Begin series so here it is!  I have decided to make the four Mondays of December a Breathe & Begin Level II series.  If you feel like you would like a few more weeks to improve your strength in the postures you've already learned and learn a few more postures, this is the series for you.  $65 for the series of 4 classes.

UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register

Interested in Reiki Level 1 training so you can join our Energy Exchanges?  Reiki master Diane McKee will be offering Level 1 training starting tomorrow, Friday, November 1.  Friday night
s class (from 6-9pm) will be about the history of Reiki and how energy healing works.  Saturday (10-4pm) will be a "hands on" training day with a potluck lunch.  If you are interested in learning how to use the energies of the Universe to heal yourself and assist others in healing themselves, this is the class to take!  It's a beautiful practice!  $125 

Sunday, November 3rd, Teri Leigh is back!  She has put together a series of (7), 30 second mind-body-spirit techniques to manage difficult situations in everyday life and she is here to share them with us.  She will be teaching these techniques and would like us to be her audience and her feedback.  This is a donation only class!  We would love to have you join us from 11-1pm to learn these techniques.  

November is here already so that means Meditation with Joel Gollhardt is next Tuesday evening from 7:45-8:30pm.

The Angel Circle, with Lori Falk of the Crystalline Institute returns on Thursday, November 14 from 7-9pm.  This is a great way to practice connecting with your angels to receive messages of support and guidance.  $25.

Hoping you can join us for classes or upcoming events!  Have you seen our website?  If not, click Here!  

As I close today, I invite you to ask yourself, are you being called to take center stage?  Is fear keeping you from doing so?  You owe it to yourself and to your "audience" to step forward and shine!  Or is it time to work together as part of an ensemble?  Can you allow others to gather with you and journey forward with the group?  Either way, allow the visual of the evergreens to assist you.  Both situations are you sharing your incredible gifts with the world!