The Secrets of Becoming Highly Motivated...

The three components of becoming highly motivated, and how to embed them firmly in your mind.

A while back I and a friend were talking about how to get more out of life. We realized the foundation of everything that will make you successful will rely on being highly motivated.

It was then we both realized we were going about our lives' in the completely wrong way. And it was then we realized motivation was completely different to what we thought it was, and probably different to what you think it is right now.

My life didn't exactly change overnight, because at first, I actually struggled to get a solid grasp over these three components of motivation. It was when I put them into a meditation track, the track I am sharing with you on this page that they really sunk into my mind.

Motivation is now a habit for me. I jump up out of bed at 5 O'clock every morning. People often think I am a little crazy, but when you read the information on this page and change your outlook accordingly, you won't think I am crazy, you'll probably be exactly the same.

I don't jump out of bed because of determination, or because of strong work ethic. I jump out of bed at 5 every morning because I am pumped about the day ahead…

When you master these three fundamental rules and become highly motivated, the world is your playground, limitless…


The word motivation has been thrown around so often in the last century, it's become a common phrase, when really, motivation is far from common. On this page, you're going to learn the truth…

Many rely on Rocky films and motivational speeches to keep the fire alive. I don't blame you if you do this; it's exactly where I was not long ago. But if you are currently doing that, this page is of supreme importance to you.

There's nothing complex here, all I am going to do, is show you:

1.    Where I was – relying on motivational speeches to keep me going through my boring life.

2.    Where I am now – you probably have a good idea from reading the section at the start of this page.

3.    And show you what I learnt in-between - so that you can also apply the information to your life.

If this sounds beneficial to you, shut down Facebook, switch of your phone, and channel all your attention on this very article…

What's wrong with Motivational Speeches?

This is just my opinion, but after listening to these speeches over and over again, I realized there were only two reasons I was using them:

  1. To overcome a fear.
  2. To build work ethic, so I could complete a boring task.

In order to overcome a fear, I needed to take a different approach. And if I was bored, then, well, why wasn't I doing something I enjoyed?

Other than those two reasons, a motivational speech will give you a high and a strong determination to succeed. But this high will last anywhere from 10 minutes to a few days. That's certainly not a solution to living a more fulfilling life.

I don't want to waste your time, so now we've wrapped that up, let's move onto what these three components for being highly motivated are, and how they're going to lead to you living a more productive day…

The Three Components

Here are the three components of staying highly motivated:

  1. Desire
  2. Passion
  3. Intent

In order to become highly motivated towards achieving your goals, each one of the 3 above components needs to be in place.


Desire is one of the most powerful human emotions. If you have a true desire for something, then this is one of the highest forms of focus you possess.

Desire is building a clear mental image of exactly where you're going, who you're becoming, or what you're going to have.

To use desire you need to build a clear mental image of where you desire to be. This doesn't have to be a finite point, for example, I desire for my life to keep improving in all areas.


How are you going about reaching your desire? This is the part where most people go wrong. It's certainly the part where I went wrong.

I realized I was achieving my desire through doing things I didn't enjoy. And that's why I, and many other people, resort to motivational speeches.

There are a million ways to reach, or even move with, your desire. So why do the one you don't enjoy?

Sorry, I am rambling; to wrap this up, make sure you're doing something you're passionate about.

If you desire to be a millionaire, you could make that million through real-estate. But if you don't enjoy real-estate, then choose something else. There's millions of other ways to become a millionaire. And don't stop searching until you find something you're really passionate about.

Let's use a scaled down example, I desire to write this article so that many others can have the same benefits from the information I have. And because I am passionate about sharing this information with others, I am enjoying writing these very words.


Finally, we have intent. If you leave this out, you're just a mere dreamer.

Intent is where you will yourself to act.

I am not going to go into the details, but when I realized what made me passionate, it took me far too long to actually make the decision to change what I was doing – to this day, I don't really know why it took me so long. But what I do know is you're going to need to have the intent to start moving towards what makes you passionate, and start making the appropriate changes in your life.

To use intent, start making strong decisions. Ensure every decision you make takes you one step closer to your goal.

Becoming Motivated

Becoming motivated is fairly simple and straightforward. However, it's not always easy and will often require some lifestyle changes.

I am guessing by now you have a solid idea of how to become motivated. But to summarize, here's how to become highly motivated:

1.    Desire: Build a solid and crystal clear image of your goal.

2.    Passion: Start moving towards your goal using a method you're passionate about.

3.    Intent: You need to will yourself to act, and make decisions that continually take you closer to your goals.

Motivation is far from what the masses think it is. When you leverage these three steps you'll truly possess and unfair advantage.

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Have a Productive Day