Setting Crystal Clear Goals

Setting Crystal Clear Goals
If you hit a golf ball just a millimetre of, it will land miles away from where you’d aimed…
… And when using the Law of Attraction, if your goals not specific, you could end up with results far from what you expected.
So don’t take this information lightly. Many people don’t take goal setting seriously enough, and end up failing before they’ve even started. Fortunately, this article is going to make sure you take the first step with accuracy…
There are three exercises you need to complete, to build a successful crystal clear goal:
1.    Avoiding the pressures of society.
2.    Listing your desires.
3.    Telling your story.
Let’s look at each one in more detail…

The Voice of Society

Whether you like it or not, there’s always going to be pressure from society telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, and influencing your goals…
… But this is an internal process. And to set your goals successfully, you need to quieten the voices of society and listen to yourself.

Where the Pressure Comes From

Many people say they want to get rich, so they attract all the wealth into their life. However, they only want money to try and impress others – to try and impress society.
And these aren’t always negative pressures. For example, I was passionate about my product, and wanted to build my business. However, my parents where pressuring me to stay in my safe secure job. This is simply what they believed was best for me.
So this leads us to the most important question…

… What’s Your Big Why?

If you want the money, why do you want the money?
The last few paragraphs may have seemed fairly negative. I am in no way saying you shouldn’t attract wealth into your life. You just need to make sure it’s for the right reasons.
For example, maybe you desire to live in a mansion, with a swimming pool, a yacht and an Aston Martin. In which case, attracting money would be a good idea…
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be rich. You just need to make sure it’s for the right reasons.
Before moving on, take a moment to dig deep down, and ask yourself, what do I really want?
Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, cycled to the beech simply to set his goal. This allowed him to cut out the voice of society.
I am not saying you need to cycle to the coast. But this example shows the importance of “digging deep down”… Spend some time alone and have a think about what you want from life…

Listing Your Desires

Now you’ve cut out the influences from society, it’s time to start listing your desires…
This really is as simple as it sounds. Listing your desires is where you take a note pad, a pen, and start writing out a list of bullet points of exactly how you want your life to be – writing out exactly what you want.
If you’re trying to attract the perfect relationship, write out how your life will be with that person. What sort of a home will you live in together? What sort of lifestyle will you lead together?
If you want health, how will your health be in all areas? What will your mental health be like? Do you want to be in killer shape? Will you be alert and have high energy levels?
This process is completely individual. How you want your life to be and/or who you want to become is your goal, so it’s up to you how much you want to write – just remember to be as detailed as possible.

Write With Fury

When writing out your bullet points, don’t stop to think. - Save thinking for the next step…
Write with fury and write everything you desire that pops into mind.

Let’s Get Started

Before moving on, grab a pen and note pad.
I Want:
Then list in bullet points below, exactly how you want your life to be.
Once you’ve successfully completed this, please move onto the next step…

Telling your Story

The third and final step to setting your crystal clear goal is telling your story.
Take your list of bullet points from the previous section, and write them up as a story. A story of exactly how you want your life to be…
Using the example of money again, write how your life will improve when you’re wealthy. What will your home be like? Will it be immaculate? What artwork will you have? What will your drive way be like? What cars will you have? What vacations will you take?
This isn’t a complicated exercise. The key is to write your life out exactly how you want it to be. But don’t rush. Take a moment to visualize your desires, then write your story and leave nothing out.
The story you just wrote is your crystal clear goal. Make sure there’s nothing left out. Write it up again if you want. Just make sure you have a neat copy to refer back to. Applying the Law of Attraction accurately is on paramount importance.


The biggest mistake when striving for achieving their goals, is striving for the wrong goals. Stop for a second and apply these three steps. Set a goal that’s so clear you’re passionate about reaching your target.

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