Music Series Part 6: Hold my Hand

Music Series Part 6: Hold my Hand
By K.E.Voss

I'm dedicating this post to all children who flew on Angel wings to Heaven too soon.

Recently, I received the sad news of a passing (death) of a 29 day old baby, the daughter of a family I know.
A song came to mind before the baby arrived in Heaven and immediately after titled "Streets of Heaven" by Sherrie Austin.  The song made me cry. The song is about a mom whose daughter is in the hospital fighting for her life. Mom has a one-way conversation with God pleading to keep the girl alive and tells God how she's too young to live on her own. She asks who will hold her hand as she crosses the streets of Heaven.


The little girl just turned seven, but the song itself can pertain to any child of any young age. Why does God need children with him? I wonder if they're needed to keep Heaven young? I don't mean in ages, but to keep the spirits of an older generation young. I know a few extended family members who have lost children to a young age due to cancer or a genetic disorder. God may have his reasons to why he calls children home. A friend shared that the baby girl united many people while she was here. That's true as family and the community rallied for her.
She's her families Angel now, watching over everyone from Heaven. She doesn't want her family and friend to cry for her, but they will. She wants them to remember her smiles, her eyes, her hair, her love, and her fighting spirit. She's touched many lives and continues to do so.

Rest in Peace baby Annabelle Sept. 26, 2013-Oct. 25, 2013