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November, 2013
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We have a saying at Free Spirit School when we're observing a part of out life that may be challenging or difficult to understand - "Isn't that interesting"!?  Isn't it interesting how we can fall so easily into the emotion of a situation and allow our minds to conjure different scenarios and dramas?  Isn't it interesting how we react to mundane events as if they were earth shattering? Isn't it interesting how we allow perceptibly "bad" news to create havoc in our lives? 

What if we remained neutral to the world around us with no judgment of good or bad?  How different would our lives be if we saw each situation as an opportunity for growth rather than a challenge to simply make it through?  The state of neutrality is a state of observance, a chance to make decisions based on reason and heart rather than reactivity.  One can remain neutral and yet know what constitutes goodness and love thereby allowing for the decision to move in that direction.

When we are faced with a perceptively formidable situation in our lives, stepping back and observing with the statement, "Isn't that interesting?" will assist us in making calmer more discerning choices.  Isn't that interesting?

Thank You DaEl Walker!! 

DaEl Walker and the Gang!
Last week was a celebration of crystal healing with DaEl Walker with sold out classes and healing sessions. DaEl was his usual remarkable self, imparting his nearly 40 years of knowledge and experience with his low key wit and wisdom.  We were honored to sponsor DaEl once again and look forward to his visit next year, hopefully in April.  May the quartz be with you, DaEl. Until we meet again!

Open House/Spirit Faire
Sunday, December 1
11:00 - 4:00
Join us for our annual holiday Open House as we prepare for another celebration of gratitude and reflection.  Besides our usual new stones, free snacks and raffle, we will have:

Joan Collins
Marene Martensen
Janet McArdle Stella
Workshops by:
Pam Moderski
Diane Bloom
and more....
Plus, receive a free Christmas/Holiday gift from Free Spirit Crystals!
Come for the festivities - plan to have FUN!

Expansion Layout
To open up the energetic body in order to allow a more intuitive inner structure and a more refined connection to Spirit.  The aim is to eventually establish a continual cognizant stream of communication to flow throughout the energetic body and connect to the emotional, mental and physical planes of the body in order to access information at all times.

Crown - Channeling Crystal
3rd Eye - Selenite
Throat - Kyanite
Heart - Kunzite
Solar Plexus - Selenite
Sacral - Ruby
Root - Black Tourmaline
Hands - Rutilated Quartz
FSS Picture 
Free Spirit School New Module 1 Beginning in February
One of our new students came up with a new motto for Free Spirit School:
Release, Uplift, Transform. We believe that this embodies what we are teaching, guiding students through the process of unfolding their inner lives in order to live with awareness and joy.  Our school is for everyone - whether you are seeking a change in your life, building a healing practice, are curious about energy healing or searching for a new direction, Free Spirit School has what you are looking for.

Our new Module 1 begins February 8 and 9.  In Module 1 you learn begin the foundation of crystal healing, bioenergetics, understanding the functions of the chakras and layers of the field, subtle sense perception and so much more. You become friends with a group of students who develop a heart felt bond that lasts a lifetime.  Check in with your spirit and decide if this is your time to: 
Release, Uplift, Transform!
Free Spirit School - Where Shift Happens!

To register, go to or call Diane at 414-534-1578.

Reiki One Attunement
Monday, November 18   6:00 - 9:00   Fee: $65.00
My Monday night crystal class is going to be attended to Reiki One and we have room for 3 more people for the attunement class.  If you would like to learn the art of hands on healing through Reiki and want to be a part of an amazing group of students, here is your chance. The class consists of:
Learning the healing procedure
Performing a healing session
Receiving a healing session 

Please call me at 414-534-1578 or email me at as soon as possible to save your place in the class.  Again, there is room for only 3 more students.

15% Off All Stones
(excluding consignment pieces)
Saturday, November 23
Coupon must be presented at time of sale
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