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November, 2013

November News

In November we begin to experience the effects of decreased light due to shortened days and increasing cloudiness. Physicians now recommend we take Vitamin D3 and get our Vitamin D levels checked during the winter months. Research has confirmed that populations living above the Mason-Dixon Line experience greater depression, immune system depletion and SAD during the winter months. It is necessary for us to replenish the lost light energy by taking Vitamin D, using full spectrum light bulbs in our homes, and a therapeutic full spectrum light box for those experiencing SAD.

The Healing Place carries a very effective, reasonably priced therapeutic Travel Lite box. Northern Lights

Just in time to beat the low energy "Winter Blahs", The Healing Place is now offering our "New Low level Light Energy Therapy."

This new light therapy incorporates the use of flexible body pads that deliver low level pulsating red, infrared and blue light into the cells of the body. Research has confirmed that this nourishing light therapy increases circulation, increases energy and enhances immune system functioning. Following a recent light therapy session a new client proclaimed, "I felt so relaxed, it was like sitting in the warm sun for 20 minutes and I did not even have to get undressed!"


Take a mini-vacation with - Chakra Light Therapy , you'll feel energized and ready to face the low-light days ahead.


We also invite you to energize yourself by participating in the Wonderful New Classes we are offering in November and Astrology For the Soul.


Ian Baker Johnson,  
  You will learn about the roots and history of Mindfulness, how to "practice Mindfulness" including Mindfulness Meditation (sitting meditation and breath awareness), the Body Scan (mindful connection with your body), and Mindful Movement (very slow and gentle movement).  You will also learn about the importance of mindful eating and mindful communication. 

  • Dates:  November 6, 13, 20
  • Time: 6:30 - 8:30pm
  • Fee: $75.00 for all 3 classes
  • Location: The Healing Place
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