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October 31, 2013                                                                       Subscribe to this newsletter
Hi Deborah,
Welcome to another powerful and healing week at the Atrium. Are you feeling stressed at this time of year? Each of our events this week helps you to address the stresses in your life in different ways. Take a look and see which approach appeals to you, and come check it out.
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Thank you for being part of the Atrium Community, and we hope to see you soon!
-Jill Baake
Atrium Orchestrator
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4 month program beginning Monday, November 18
Become a Certified Professional Life Coach and expand your possibilities, in your life and in your business!  This training intensive provides the opportunity for you to more joyfully allocate your day-to-day energy, discover more fully who you are as an entrepreneur, determine your personal and professional keys to success and happiness, and much more!
The program consists of 6 full-day classes (three weekends) between November 2013 and February 2014. Participants can receive Center Spirit™ Coaching Certification and follow ICF Guidelines (International Coach Federation).
Program Info:
9:00 am – 3:00 pm on
November 18 & 19
January 13 & 14
February 17 & 18

Program Commitment:
6 total classes
weekly partner checks (30 minutes each)
monthly homeplay and reading assignments (approx. 30 minutes each)
15 hours of practice coaching
participants also receive 4 – 30 minute individual coaching sessions with a master level coach

For additional program information and an a Registration Form, visit or call Jill Baake at (414) 858-0262.
This Week's Events
Thursday, November 7   5:00-7:00pm
It's almost the most stressful time of the year- the HOLIDAYS! Learn lots of tips, tricks, easy techniques, and natural remedies for stress to use all year round! Learn how to alleviate stress with ease. Class includes flower essence remedy for stress, (retail value $18), and hand-outs.
Cost: $40
To register, call Natalie at 414-651-2243
Natalie Benoit is a Reiki Master Teacher and Wellness coach. Her passion is improving the quality of individuals lives, with natural remedies, techniques, and nutrition. Let a wellness expert, guide you! Visit Natalie's website for more information. 
with White Conch Dharma Center
Friday, November 8  7:00-8:30pm
We may find it difficult in daily life to cultivate a sincere warm-heartedness in the midst of loud divisiveness. We open our hearts when treated with sincere loving kindness. Better yet, WE can become a locus of loving-kindness - a healing balm to those around us - if only we can develop it ourselves.
What is loving kindness? What are its nuances? Join us as we explore aspects of loving-kindness and think deeply about how to apply them in daily life.   
This month we will discuss not feeling inconvenienced by others. This very profound realization can change your experience of life dramatically.  You might be amazed how healing this can be.

Cost: $15 suggested donation
RSVP on the event site, or just come to the Atrium on Friday!

Ngawang Thekchen is an ordained monastic of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and holds a PhD with a major in nursing and a minor in psychology. Thekchen teaches practical Buddhist approaches to life monthly in Milwaukee.
Saturday, November 9  7:00-9:00pm
Energy medicine has been used since the beginning of time to help people recover from a wide variety of issues. Total Multidimensional Release® is gentle enough for newcomers, yet powerful enough for even the most experienced healers. Erik and Kelly invite all who seek healing in any area of their lives to join us for an adventure that is truly "out of this world."
Total Multidimensional Release® is a process that delivers ancient energy healing in a contemporary format, allowing you to experience profound shifts in your body, emotions, mind, spirit and life. TMR® opens the doorways between you and the Angels, Spirit Guides + Teachers, Ascended Masters and other Spirit Beings that will flood your system with high-frequency healing energies. TMR® washes through all aspects of your consciousness, accessing the root cause of your stress/disease/suffering and discharging it throughout all space, time and realities. Many have found themselves finally releasing long term "issues" once and for all. TMR® yields increasingly powerful and synergistic healing in group settings, providing the maximum healing possible to each member of the group and to the group as a whole.
Cost: $40 suggested donation
Find more information and RSVP on the event site.
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Save the Date for these upcoming events at the Atrium: 
Fri - 8          Walking the Path of Loving Kindness
Sat - 16        Spirit/Psychic Fair
Tue - 19       Gods and Goddesses Unite!
Sat - 23        Morning Cup of Consciousness
Sat - 23        Energy Bath for Clearing and Renewal
For more events, visit our Meetup Calendar.
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The AtriumThe Mission of The Atrium is to create a community of people that come together to expand their understanding of themselves and others.  We honor each individual and allow each to take responsibility for his/her own truth and discover his/her own path.
In addition, we create a space where self-care and personal development practitioners can continue their own journeys of teaching and learning in a loving, supportive environment.
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