3 Proven Ways to Overcome a "Mental Burn-Out"

Have you noticed how some days you wake up motivated & lead are highly proactive, and other days you wake up feeling sluggish and plunge into the depths of procrastination?

Whether you're a part-time blogger, marathon runner, professional athlete or an entrepreneur, at some point you will have come across what's known as mental burn-out

You're Not Alone

The first thing you need to understand is you're not alone. Everyone including top entrepreneurs and Olympic athletes experience mental burn-outs just like you.

Read the above paragraph again. While understanding this is a common problem may not leave you jumping up and down with joy, it should surprise you a little…

… Because mental blocks are not hard to overcome, and when you start to implement the advice in this article, you could overcome mental burn-outs for good within the next 10 minutes.

Let's get started…

The Anatomy of Mental Burn-Outs

Before we begin, it's absolutely essential you understand exactly what a mental burn-out is and how it works. This allows you to overcome it with precision.

The Brain Becoming Tired

Simply put, a mental burn-out is when your brain becomes tired from the muscles within tensing.

For example, if you go to the gym you'll become tired due to your muscles tensing repeatedly.

The  muscles in your brain become tired in the same way as any other muscles would. Common sense, right? But here's where it gets interesting – Scientific research has proven highly proactive activity does not cause the brain muscles to tense.

In fact, there's only two ways your muscles will tense:

1.    If you're stressed.

2.    If you're bored.

To be blunt: When you hit a mental block, you're either stressed or bored.

So now you understand this, what can you do?

How to Overcome Mental Burn-Outs

I am about to share with you my 3 proven ways to overcome mental burn-outs. So please don't take this information lightly. And there's a good chance since you're reading this you're experiencing a mental block right now. Just make sure you soldier through and complete each of the three methods below…


Stress is rarely a result of doing too much work, but a result of having multiple tasks you're unsure about.

This means having multiple tasks to complete, when you're unsure how long each one will take. – Causing you to stress out while scrambling through your day trying to complete task as fast as you can.

Think back to a time you were stressed. Can you relate?

Time to Get Organized

This clearly shows us organizing the tasks you need to complete throughout the day will stop your mental muscles from tensing.

Every night before you go to bed, write out a checklist of every task you need to complete the following day. Write out how long you estimate each task will take, and select an allotted time frame for it.

Mix it up

There's a good chance you'll have multiple tasks to complete throughout the day. Don't hesitate to "mix it up".

Spread out your tasks throughout the day. Scientific research has proven we become bored through repetition.

You can prevent your brain muscles from tensing through completing different tasks.

Keep the End in Mind

Finally, let's look at how you can stay highly motivated throughout your day.

Since you're hitting mental blocks, you're probably striving towards a goal.

Keep the end state of your goal in mind. If you're an entrepreneur, think of each activity taking you one step closer to your desired wealth. If you're training at the gym, think of each activity of taking you one step closer to achieving your desired body…


Everyone experiences mental burn-outs. It's far from uncommon. But if you don't overcome them, they'll greatly hinder your results.

There's nothing heroic about being stressed or bored. And therefore, there's nothing impressive about being mentally "exhausted". You would become exhausted if you did nothing but sit still all day.


1.    Build an organized plan for your day, to avoid becoming stressed.

2.    Mix-up the order you complete your tasks, to avoid becoming bored.

3.    Always keep the end state in mind, and strive towards your goals step by step,

Thanks so much for reading this blog post. I am incredibly passionate about this information because it's literally doubled my productivity, so it's a privilege to be able to share it with you.

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Have a Productive Day,