You approach being free when you view all equally. -Hilarion

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You approach being free when you view all equally.
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We all want to be free. There probably isn’t anyone who would say he or she doesn’t desire freedom. But, most of us feel it somehow eludes us. There always seem to be pesky and troublesome restrictions in our lives. We don’t feel free to be or do as we would wish, without limits.
Unfortunately, all too often we don’t recognize that our boundaries are self-imposed. In separation consciousness, we judge. There are people and situations we like or don’t like and things we prefer or don’t prefer. Our dissatisfaction and sense of limitation arise because we evaluate. When we view some things or people as better than others, we frequently set ourselves up to be disappointed or feel restricted.
We judge because we fail to remember that all things, beings, and situations are divine. In divine reality, everything and everyone is perfect and whole all of the time. Nothing and no one is better than anything or anyone else. We merely have preferences because we find it difficult to recognize the divine perfection in every moment.
When we see the worth and beauty of all that is, we free ourselves from our expectations. We love life as it is. We find joy in simply existing. We understand that freedom isn’t doing what we love; freedom is loving what we do. Click here to learn how to enjoy life more by reframing perceptions.
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Please join in a free guided group meditation honoring The Harmonic Concordance 10th Anniversary. This extraordinary astrological alignment provided a profound download of spiritual encoding and information. Ascended Master Hilarion will provide a group meditation (lead by Anne) showing how the energy of the event is fresh and relevant today. The meditation also will guide you through creating a Council of Seven within yourself—using the seven celestial bodies involved in the astrological configuration and aligning them with your seven major chakras—for healing, guidance, and inspiration.

This is a fantastic opportunity to realign your personal energy, learn how to find guidance within yourself, and offer healing and service to our planet. If you cannot attend in Grafton Wisconsin but would like to participate, 
the meditation is posted on my website. If you'd like to organize your own group meditation, that's super, too. Just let me know so I can post your event on the Harmonic Concordance website. The more the merrier! 
Please RSVP to:
Starlight Consulting LLC      
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