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Penetrating awareness brings you the purpose that you need.
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Most of us go through life believing in what we expect to see. In other words, the stuff of our lives is preconceived notions. Based on past experience, we interpret what is going on now and posit what we believe will be. This leads to stagnation in experience, often followed by dramatic events designed to shake us out of our rut.
Most often, our experiences and beliefs are based in separation consciousness—the idea that we are separate from everyone, everything, and the divine. This leads us to find boredom, frustration, fear, regret, anger, and disillusionment in our lives. Our lives often aren’t fun and they seem to lack meaning.
We need help to get past this habitual mindset, so we can cultivate awareness of the depth and beauty in life, an awareness that will let us see into the truth of our existence. Fortunately, the required assistance is always available to us. We simply need to reach within for it. Click to learn how to go within to understand the purpose and beauty of your life.
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