Treetop news...last minute event added for tonight...

Good Morning!

Here we are, in the middle of another big transition ~ fall!  It's my favorite time of year and today I want to honor my husband and the big transition we made 17 years ago on October 19 ~ the day we were married!!  Never in our wildest dreams, as we started our journey together, did we imagine ourselves where we are today!  We both love what we do and we are thrilled with the amazing community of people we are a part of!  Many of you are family to us!  I am more excited today than I was 17 years ago because as we continue to move forward, life just keeps getting better and better!  There have been challenges, for sure, and times we wondered what the heck we were doing, but those moments have made this one that much sweeter and that much more filled with joy!  Thank you all for your love and support in our business and in our personal lives!  You are all officially invited to hang with us as long as you'd like!  We love having you share our journey!

Starting tonight, the Wednesday evening class will begin at 6:15pm instead of 6:30.  See you on the mat!
This coming Saturday's Yoga Roulette class will be taught by Diane McKee and will be a Yin class.   Yin is a style that gets deeper into joints and soft tissue. Diane has such a lovely presence and I know you'll love her if you haven't had the opportunity to share space with her yet!

UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register
Tomorrow night, Thursday, October 17th, Shaman Keith Varnum is here again to share his perspective on life with us.  This is a free event where you will be introduced (or re-introduced if you've been with Keith before) to Matrix Energetics.  Keith comes to this area twice a year from Arizona to share his gifts with us.  He has traveled the world and studied with many different teachers in many different cultures.  He has a unique view of life and shares it with a wonderful sense of humor.  Join us from 7-9pm!
Sorry folks, no Energy Exchange on the 18th this month...

There are only a couple of spots still available for Curiosities Revealed on Thursday, October 24th.  Joel Gollhardt and Laura Watson are teaming up to assist attendees through challenges by looking at past lives; disconnecting threads no longer serving you and connecting to lives you had that will serve you well in this one.  This will be a similar, yet expanded, version of what we did back in August.  We are limiting the attendees to a max of 15 so sign up now!  $35

Last weekend, Jen Martin from The Soul Source in West Bend, agreed to come back for another night of connecting with the spirit's of your loved ones.  We chose Thursday, October 31 from 7-9pm for our All Hallows Evening of Messages from Spirit.  If you missed her the first time, you definitely want to come for this; if you were here the first time, I know you'll want to come again.  Jen is a wonderful medium who works her gatherings the same way The Long Island Medium does on her tv show.  Jen does not, however, approach people in public the way Theresa Caputo does so to hear her connect with spirit, you'll have to come to a group gathering.  She works with the spirits who come through so not everyone will receive a message.  Spend your Halloween evening with us connecting to spirit!  $25.

Coming in November...
Interested in Reiki Level 1 training so you can join our Energy Exchanges?  Reiki master Diane McKee will be offering Level 1 training on the weekend of November 1.  The training will be held Friday evening AND All day Saturday.  Mark your calendars now and "Stay Tuned" for more details!!
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Enjoy this week of beautiful fall colors!