Treetop news...last minute event added for tonight...


Awareness.  A word that has come into my, well, awareness, lately.   When Markus Kasunich was in town recently (he will be back to Treetop in January, I believe; I highly recommend checking him out!), I decided to have a private session with him.  He asked me..."How aware are you of your emotions?"  I believe I have become very aware lately and I've come to feel (meaning this is my opinion only!) that awareness is one of the biggest keys to finding balance in your life.  When you become acutely aware of the current emotion you are experiencing, you are better able to make wise decisions for yourself.  Take moments ~ breaths ~ to check in with your emotional body.  Maybe there is a sadness, maybe some anger or disappointment.  Take a moment...FEEL what's going on inside!  Then decide what feels the best to do ~ shift your attention to something that will bring you out of a funk or stay in the current emotion and ride it through!  Sometimes we have the idea that we have to shift out of "bad" feelings right away and "just stay positive".  We are here to experience being a human ~ that means to feel our feelings; I'm not suggesting you wallow in anything, I'm just suggesting you feel them with total awareness.  I have had moments that feeling really angry, well, felt good!!  Usually when I acknowledge the anger, it dissipates more quickly.  The more aware you become of your current emotional state, the more the decisions you make for yourself can bring you to a place of balance.   When you are aware of your emotions you can ask yourself ~ is the thing I'm about to say or do going to bring me to a place of expansion in this moment or will it result in a tightening, a contraction for me?  Markus talks about emotions like anger, frustration, disappointment etc placing us in a place of contraction; being aware we are experiencing those emotions brings us to a place of expansion.  For me, this understanding of awareness is making a huge difference in my choices!  If I pay attention to what I'm feeling, I can make decisions that serve me in the best way possible!  Take a deep breath right now...what are you feeling?  How is it affecting your choices right now, today?  Continue on or change in the way that suits you best!!


Monday is week 2 of our October Breathe & Begin series and I'm happy to add you starting next Monday if you'd like. If this month didn't work for you or a friend, sign up now for November's series!

This coming Saturday's Yoga Roulette class will be taught by me and followed up by an Energy Bath with Deborah Lighthart (see below).  

Starting next Wednesday, October 16th, the Wednesday evening class will begin at 6:15pm instead of 6:30.  
UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register!
On a last minute whim, James Patt and Joel Gollhardt have decided to come down from Kiel, WI TONIGHT for An Evening of Discovery!!  Here's Joel's description of what they'd like to share tonight...
Facilitated by Joel Gollhardt and James Patt, this gathering is an opportunity to discover guidance to life's more interesting questions. From past life connections to what your dog is thinking, Joel and James connect to the energies surrounding and supporting you to channel messages for each individual present. By coming together with the common intention of discovery, we amplify and hold the energy for each other in a fun and loving way. $15 Exchange. 7-9pm.

Deborah Lighthart is here to facilitate an Energy Bath on Saturday, October 12th at 10:45am .  There is no water involved, just a beautifully led meditation to clear energies no longer serving you!  Bring your pillow and anything else you'd like in order to be comfy.  $20  Please register so we know your intent to come!

Saturday, October 12th, Steve and the Boyz will be here for an evening of channelling messages.  Steve Polifka channels spirit guides Gladimir & Zephram (and sometimes Alexandria) and he will be here to share the messages they have for us as a group and individuals.  If you were here for the Evening of Curiosity, Steve was here that evening contributing to the messages.   We'll start with a 5pm potluck in the house, then  move to the studio for the 6-9pm event.  $35  Limited seating for this event so register as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

Thursday, October 17th, Shaman Keith Varnum is here again to share his perspective on life with us.  This is a free event where you will be introduced (or re-introduced if you've been with Keith before) to Matrix Energetics.  Keith comes to this area twice a year from Arizona to share his gifts with us.  He has traveled the world and studied with many different teachers in many different cultures.  He has a unique view of life and shares it with a wonderful sense of humor.  

Sorry folks, no Energy Exchange on the 18th this month...

If you enjoyed the Evening of Curiosity back in August, you may want to sign up for Curiosities Revealed on Thursday, October 24th.  This time Joel Gollhardt and Laura Watson are teaming up to assist attendees through challenges by looking at past lives; disconnecting threads no longer serving you and connecting to lives you had that will serve you well in this one.  This will be a similar, yet expanded, version of what we did back in August.  We are limiting the attendees to a max of 15 so sign up now!  $35

Coming in November...

Interested in Reiki Level 1 training so you can join our Energy Exchanges?  Reiki master Diane McKee will be offering Level 1 training on the weekend of November 1.  The training will be held Friday evening AND All day Saturday.  Mark your calendars now and "Stay Tuned" for more details!!  

Click HERE to get to the website for more information.

Enjoy this week of incredible weather and colors!