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Good Morning!

How are you this sunny, chilly morning (or evening if that's when you are seeing this)?  Really, how are you?  How are the people around you?  Is their emotional state boosting yours or challenging you to keep your energy up?  What is your day like today or what was it like at work today?  No matter how things are going for you ~ great or not so great ~ pause for a moment in your day and take a deep breath with me...inhale, now SLOWLY, exhale.  Just for the heck of it, let's do that one more time...inhale, now SLOWLY, exhale.  How do you feel now?  Did you notice a difference after the 2 breaths?  I felt pretty relaxed before I took those breaths, yet I still noticed a calming within me afterwards.   Your breath is the most important thing to start with when you want a shift in your emotions.  Sometimes we are really excited about something and may have trouble sleeping...a deep breath can bring calm when you are excited as well as when the emotions of anger, hurt or frustration have a temporary hold of you.  Did the boss just dump another project on you?  Are you the boss and you need to deal with a challenging customer or employee?  Are you nervous about a big test you are about to take?  Are you filled with nervous excitement about a new love?  No matter what you are feeling, your breath is essential to finding balance and your center.  

Tonight, the Wednesday evening class will also be class 3 of Breathe & Begin (the students agreed to move Monday's class to Wednesday so I could have an extended anniversary weekend).  If you are interested in working on your warrior postures, you are welcome to join us at 6:15pm.  See you on the mat!

I'm on for this coming Saturday's Yoga Roulette class at 9:15, hope you can join me.

I am currently taking registrations for the November Breathe & Begin series!  If you know someone interested in getting started with a yoga practice, please let them know about this series!  Four classes, $75.  The November dates are all Mondays again ~ November 4, 11, 18 and 25th.  

UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register

Our Curiosities Revealed with Joel Gollhardt and Laura Watson is full!  If you weren't able to get in on this one, no worries, we'll host one again soon!

All Hallows Evening of Messages from Spirit is next Thursday (Halloween night) from 7-9pm and we have room for you and your friends to join us for messages from our loved ones.  Jen Martin from The Soul Source in West Bend is coming back to share her gifts with us again.  Jen is a wonderful medium who works her gatherings the same way The Long Island Medium does on her tv show.  Jen does not, however, approach people in public the way Theresa Caputo does so to hear her connect with spirit, you'll have to come to a group gathering.  She works with the spirits who come through so not everyone will receive a message.  Spend your Halloween evening with us connecting to spirit!  $25.

Coming in November...

Interested in Reiki Level 1 training so you can join our Energy Exchanges?  Reiki master Diane McKee will be offering Level 1 training on the weekend of November 1.  The training will be held Friday evening AND All day Saturday.  She and I have had technical difficulties getting her information to me so I apologize for not having more info.  Please email me if you are interested in learning how to use the energies of the Universe to heal your self and assist others in healing themselves!  It's a beautiful practice! 

Sunday, November 3rd, Teri Leigh is back!  She has put together a series of 7 30 second mind-body-spirit techniques to manage difficult situations in everyday life and she could us our hlep.  She would like to videotape herself teaching these techniques and would like us to be her audience and her feedback.  This is a donation only class!  We would love to have you join us from 11-1 to learn these techniques.  

There will be an Angel Circle in November; on Thursday, November 14!

Energy Exchange will be back on Friday, November 15th so mark your calendar now!

Click HERE to check out our website.

Enjoy this week of beautiful fall colors!