TMR Healing Circles 7pm Oct 11 + 7pm Oct 12

Sedona Sunset

Give yourself & those you love

the gifts of Healing and Growth

you desire in 2013
 Healing Circle opportunities
this Friday and Saturday nights-
Click HERE to register! 

Friday, Oct. 11th, 7- 9:30 pm, 6:30 pot luck dinner optional
Erik's A Spirited Place on Pretty Lake (address below) 

Saturday, Oct. 14th, 7- 9:30 pm, 6:30 pot luck dinner optional
The Atrium  at 6160B Industrial Court in Greendale 

Dear Deborah,    
Healing and growth... two of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves or those we love, yet life gets sooo busy...
Plain and simple, the Healing Circle formats we've shared over 30 times in the last year have resulted in healing and growth for the hundreds of people who've attended.
It seems 2013 just started, and now we're nearing the end.  Have you achieved the healing and/or growth you desired to experience this year?  We're providing 2 opportunities to create it this weekend for those who have not, or who seek to experience even further expanded healing and growth in their lives.
TMR® Circles are enjoyable, deeply powerful ways to assist participants in experiencing the healing and growth we desire in our lives.  Total Multidimensional Release® Circles engage the flow of pure, unconditional love to assist each participant in whatever ways are optimal for them to experience.  
We are all infinitely worthy to experience whatever it is we desire.  TMR® Healing Circles are a wonderful way to assist us in doing so.
The exchange is $44 per person, with financial support if needed (if this exchange is not financially comfortable for you, join us away, and bring and amount that is:).      

What can you bring to the events with pot luck dinners?  Glad that you asked:):
  • Yourself... and a possible guest or two
  • A way cool dish of one of your favorite foods to pass (potlucks are optional) 
  • Any beverage other than water that you desire 
  • An open heart and a smile :)   
Register in advance by clicking HERE ,
or at the events too.
Contact Erik with questions at:

The Mission of A Spirited Place, which is the programming Erik shares and/or hosts in his retreat-like home on Pretty Lake near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, is to provide:
  ~ Enlightening programming,
  ~ Healing of the body, mind and spirit,  
  ~ Life, manifestation and spiritual coaching services
to assist individuals in the awakening process, including helping to find, to know, to love and to expand the Divine Spirited Place that exists within us all:)  

Erik Swenson's A Spirited Place
W375 S4957 E. Pretty Lake Road
Dousman, Wisconsin  53118

 Directions to Erik's A Spirited Place:
~  Take I-94 to the Highway 67/Oconomowoc exit
~  Take 67 south 8 miles to County CI
~  Turn right on County CI, continue 1 mile 
~  Turn right onto Pretty Lake Road, continue to the stop sign 
~  Turn right again at the stop sign, and follow the road for 1 minute to Erik's House (on the left, marked with signs, cones, and often balloons too:)!  

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