My 135-Day Yoga Buzz

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Oct 02, 2013 12:56 pm | Otiti

My 135-Day Yoga Buzz

. . . feels oh so good right about now.
I feel like a fierce goddess right now. Heck, I feel like a gladiator. Today I did the standing splits for the first time EVER and I nailed poses I’d been too afraid to try because I felt I hadn’t practised enough.
Newsflash: You’re ready when you say you’re ready. Waiting around won’t get you what you want. ACTING will get you what you want.
I do yoga to feel strong in my mind and body, to stay healthy, and to keep my energy levels high so I have a ball every day. It doesn’t always work, and there’re times when I drag myself to the mat without an ounce of enthusiasm in my body, but overall the change is undeniable.
I am a different person today. I’m stronger, clearer. More disciplined and confident in my abilities to master something fresh and  unfamiliar. FYI I’m teaching myself yoga from Tara Stiles’s book Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga, so it’s not like I have an instructor to correct me when I get it wrong. I only have the yelp of my bones to tell me to do it right, LOL.
I’m fresh off a 45-minute session on the mat and I feel like I can power the galaxy with the energy in my veins. Somehow challenging myself with stuff I’ve never tried before has opened me up to a new level of post-workout energy and pep. I’m like bring it on world, I GOT this! :D
So yeah, do it before you think you’re ready. It’s taken me 4 months plus to attempt something I could probably have done 2 months ago or maybe even earlier. It’s all about opening your mind and body and daring yourself to venture beyond your comfort zone. You’ll feel incredible when you master what once looked impossible. You’ll feel masterful at test-driving new things.
That’s how I feel right now. Masterful that I could do the downward dog split, the standing split, AND a plank pose variation that’d have kicked my ass 4 months ago. Yeah I wobble sometimes, but I breathe and hang in there because eventually the wobbles give way to balance and smooth, firm confidence, baby. Oh yeah, and I’m getting a hot body too. BOOYAH! :D
So what’re you gonna dare yourself to start or try today? Tell me all about it in the comments below!
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