Music Series Part 5: Light from the Water

Music Series Part 5: Light from the Water
By K.E.Voss
October 9, 2013

"I'll be your candle on the water, my love for you will always burn. I know you're lost and drifting, but the clouds are lifting. Don't give up, you have someplace to turn". -Helen Reddy, Candle on the Water from Pete's Dragon

When a spouse, partner, family member, friend, or pet passes away we feel lost. We're not lost physically. It's more of a feeling deep inside our hearts and souls, a longing to have them present in our lives. What we forget to remember is that they are always present in our lives. They live within us in a way that makes them a special part of who we are.

This song, Candle on the Water, from the movie Pete's Dragon, reminds us of this. I recently watched the movie and when this part of the movie played I connected with the song and it made me cry. Helen Reddy plays Norah whose fiance became lost at sea the year before and she sings this song as she remembers him. My thoughts turned to those who have passed away in my life, but the main focus was my spouse. Even though he lives in Heaven, he's a part of me and it shows.

When you feel that you're alone and the one person you want to help you out, to shed a ray of light, of hope, of guidance seems so far away, you don't have to look very far. He or she watches you and knows when you need some extra support. You may sense a presence, feel something unusual, or see something out of the ordinary. That's your special someone letting you know they're with you, have your back and they won't leave you. They remind us that though dark clouds appear, there's a light that shines through and reflects back to you. Don't give up even when the light seems too dim, it'll shine if you only remember where it comes from.