Herbs for Whooping Cough

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The press has announced another thing for everyone to be fearful,  WHOOPING COUGH
The following information is for Herbalist that might have to deal with these bacteria:
            Comfrey Root will deal with this bacterium according to – Dr. James A Dukes -  US                                     Department of Agriculture's Database
            Marshmallow Root will also take this bacterium down – Steven Horner, 1991, Nature's Field
            Mullein will deal with Whooping Cough bacterium – Michael Tierra,  Planetary Herbology.     
            Peppermint is an enemy to these bacteria – Rudolf Weiss, Herbal Medicine                  
            Valerian Root will incapacitate these bacteria – Dr. John R. Christopher, School of Natural Medicine page 376
Knowledge trumps fear.  These organic plants can assist you and your family and friends.
Phyllis Heitkamp Master Herbalist