Healing with the Archetypes

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Healing with the Archetypes

We all play different roles in different parts of our lives.  Subconsciously, we often don't even realize that as we move from one area of our life to another that we change the way we react and interact with that part of our lives.  You wouldn't necessarily act the same with your family as you would if you were asking your boss for a raise.  And you don't really think about how your response changes in these two different scenarios. It just does.  
This is because we often have roles and beliefs that are deeply rooted within our subconscious that automatically take over our response.
Come join me to take a look at how you have subconsciously been allowing yourself to react to situations.  By becoming aware of the patterns that you have been following, you have the opportunity to make a shift and begin to react in a new way from a new perspective.
I look forward to exploring your archetypes with you!

Come join Betty on Monday Night Nov. 4th from 7-8:15 pm to Heal with the Archetypes.
Monday Nov. 4th  7-8:15pm  
Investment in You = $15

Thurs. Oct 31st

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