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Oct 25, 2013 10:00 am | Otiti

Breathe + Open

“Open.” “Open up.” “Open your heart, mind, and soul.” 
Urges bubbling up from my core.
Floating up from my subconscious to bless my waking mind and hours. Floating up to prepare me for the miracles and abundance I desire. Floating up to free my stranglehold on control and knowing every last detail.
Floating up as messages from my inner wisdom to my chattering mind and brain. Floating up to give me peace, love, and strength.  Floating up to heal my soul and fill the gaping hole.
Urging me to open and receive healing, prosperity, and success. Open to absorb stillness and forward movement and growth and expansion. Open to deepen my creative expression and fire up my brilliance.
Inhale, exhale. Inhaale, exhaale. Breathe. Breathe.
Breathe life into your heavy bones. Breathe energy into your weary soul. Breathe love, joy, + grace into your heart. Breathe your desire into your consciousness. Breathe your desire deep into your bone, way deep down past all fear and self-doubt. Breathe way down through to the lucid pool refreshing your spirit and slaking your thirst.
Breathe and feel your breath giving life to your body, blood to your heart, and air to your lungs. Feel your breath swirling oxygen through your bloodstream and clearing your system of all impurities. Feel your breath singing through the halls of your soul.
Breathe and feel your heart soaring with love and thrilling and feeling and being ALIVE and OPEN. Breathe and feel your heart expanding with all the love rushing to and through you. Breathe and feel the mystical, healing, refreshing power of your deep, slow breaths. Breathe and feel the peace enveloping you in a warm hug and beaming at you with sparkling eyes. Breathe and feel your heartbeat deepen into a rhythm of joy, belonging, and homecoming.
Breathe, breathe, breathe, and breathe some more.
Breathe and deepen and expand and unfurl. Breathe and open. Breathe and open up. Breathe and open your heart and energy to receive. Breathe and open your body to ease. Breathe and open up your body to relax and stretch. Breathe and open up your body to glow with vitality and energy and grace. Breathe and open up your heart and mind to dive deep into your soul, deeper than you ever thought you could go.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Open to receive. Open to give. Open to love. Open to attract and beam. Open your petals like a flower opening to the kiss of the sun. Open your heart and soul and body. Open your heart and energy. Open your mind and psyche to healing, refreshing, liberating joy and love and divinity and power. Open to the blessings and miracles coming to you. Open to the love and abundance streaming to and through you.
Breathe. And open.
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