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Write {10 essential writing ideas}

Write for yourself first. You are your first, and in my opinion, most important, audience. When you honor this, you naturally attract your audience that needs your writing. The entire process of writing itself is the process essentially of writing more and more to this end, of becoming this vulnerable, this present. When you realize this, your writing truly begins to develop.

Trust words. Words are pure power.

Words create new worlds.

Trust your words to convey what you want to say. It’s possible to layer emotions, sensations in just one single word.

Write what resonates wildly with you, what you most want to say: write this first, write what you love most.

When you write for yourself in this way your writing is infused with authenticity and the more it resonates with you, the more it resonates with a wider audience. Trust this.
Write on loose paper. Blank Copy paper. This frees you to write whatever you want. You don’t have to keep it, and what you decide to keep can be easily organized later. Some of the best ideas were first captured on napkins. This is why. Writing on loose paper uninhibits you, frees your creative process. The less precious what you write on is, the less you worry about what you are writing.
Experiment with writing in different journals until you find the type that gives you the most freedom. For me right now it’s brightly colored cheap composition notebooks. They’re lightweight and I usually have more than one on the go for different styles and moods of writing. No rules, just write wherever you are moved to. Explore and play with what’s most fun for you.

The key to great writing is to enjoy the actual process of writing itself. This is the source of all creative genius: it’s in the sheer pleasure of the process itself.

When I write I love the whole experience: the way the words flow through the ink onto paper, what intuitive insights come through, what new ideas I can excavate. When I dance it’s in the enjoyment of the sensation of movement itself.

Most writers I know still prefer writing by hand in a journal and every writer has a type of pen and journal that they favor and swear by.
Write in as many different places as you can. Airports. Clubs. Malls, even. Wherever there is movement and flow I find there is a rhythm to a place you can tap into and it colors the way you write and I think that’s fun to explore.

And when you are out of your comfort zone in a completely new environment, you notice things you don’t usually, which leads to many an interesting adventure.

Experiment with rhythm. I wrote Soul Substance, my first poem ever in iambic pentameter and it came out all in one draft, word for word in just ten minutes. It was my first adventure into this rhythm and it opened up immense creativity in me.
Write outside of your usual genres. The more genres you play in, the richer the depth of writing you can achieve. Different genres flex different writing muscle; open up new ways of seeing the world. Write erotica. Just to explore. Erotica is quite the adventure. Erotica is a door to pure creative power. Play with this. It can be entirely for yourself, something very private. Your own secret experiment. And as with all writing, when you are ready you can share it, or not: your choice.

Play. Don’t get too serious with words. If you aren’t having fun, then what’s the point? There’s a power to play that few experience. There’s no right or wrong way to write, writing is an ongoing experience, ideally like a really cool conversation that never ends.

Have fun!

Premakarini x

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