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This week, I wrote an article about how important it is to care for every aspect of yourself. Your body, emotions, mind, spirit + your life all need varying amounts of love and attention at different times. FWO aims to give you tools to tend to each and every area. So, grab what feels right to you and put it in action!  - Love, Deborah Lighthart

Relationships - Sexual Chakra
10 Tips from a Former Health...

The Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas
Crazy Dreams + Nightmares?
Water Witch
Massage Table for Sale
Office Space Available
Natural Healing Center Starting
Guest Bloggers Needed
Reviews + Referrals
Poetry + Quotes
Energy Bath 11am 9.21
AngelSpeaK 1pm 10.6
Energy Exchange 7pm 9.20
Medium Demo 3:30 9.21
Talk with Markus Kasunich 9.25

Equinox Events 9.21
Women's Workshop 9.28

Crystal Healing 6:30pm Mons
Tarot I 6pm Weds
Astrology I 6pm Thus
Mindful Meditations 6:30 Weds
Psychic Development 9am 10.12

Starwheels 7pm 9.21
Mystery Connections 10am 9.28

Intuitive You! + more
AngelSpeaK Webinar 11am 9.22
FREE Remote Reiki 9am 9.22
Weekly Energy Healing Webinars
Learn to Read Akashic Records
Lyme Disease Prevention
Live Your Core Values
Healthy Lifestyles
Ask the Psychic

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