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The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human is available in both trade paperback and e-book format. Hilarion sets out a simple and straightforward curriculum to help you become happier and freer by looking at life differently. As he says,"Read this book. Change your life. Tell your friends."

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Pondering something does not make it either real or unreal. It merely attempts to fill the gaps in our awareness of the concept or event. Reality, like raw oysters, is best swallowed whole. Too much chewing leads to an unsatisfactory experience.
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When we have a hard time accepting or understanding something, we worry at it mentally. We look at it from one viewpoint. We try to look at it from another viewpoint. We review it mentally over and over again, hoping that somehow it will seem different.
We often spend more time thinking about an event than it took to occur. All this fretting doesn’t make us any happier and it usually doesn’t change our perception of what happened. It merely consumes conscious focus that we could use to enjoy other things. Somewhere deep in our hearts we know that worrying a scenario over and over doesn’t help, but often we can’t stop ourselves. It seems addictive.
We get stuck in this loop of dissatisfied memory because our physical mind usually perceives things from separation consciousness—the idea that we and all other things and beings are separate from each other and from divinity—making life unsatisfactory and unsafe. As long as this belief is the basis for our remembered experience of events, we’re not likely to enjoy life as much as we could. Our unhappiness with the past will poison our present. Click to learn a simple exercise that can free you from your obsessive thoughts.
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