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In the single moment of birth, our entire genesis and destruction is contained. This is true of any moment.
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We use the concept of time to organize our perceptions. We find it easy and comfortable to view things from the perspective of cause and effect. We like to view events in series. That was then; this is now. A must happen before B, and then and only then can C occur.
This sequential way of thought makes it easier for our physical mind to understand existence in terms of separation consciousness—the belief that we and all of creation are separate from each other—which is the prevailing thought pattern of our third dimensional world. If things and beings are separate from each other, they can be compared, evaluated, judged, and blamed. Things or people outside of ourselves can be viewed as causing events in our lives. We have a handy way to avoid responsibility for how and what we experience.
In the divine wow of the sharing, everything is simultaneous. It is all happening right here and right now. There is only this moment of existence, perceived over and over simultaneously in an infinite number of ways. Click to learn how make your life a series of happy moments.
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