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Good Morning!

Recently, as I was scrubbing my wood floor, I noticed all the dings in the shoe molding, the scratches, dents and discolorations etc in the floor; I found myself getting bummed out at how "rough" everything looked.  I finished up, looked over the floor and, though happy to have the job complete, kept thinking of the work that they needed to look "perfect" again.   A few days later I remembered a childhood trip to Philadelphia.  There was an historic building we toured that had been the meeting place of people like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson etc.  I distinctly remember standing behind the rope, looking over the room and being overwhelmed with emotion that I was standing in a place where those incredible people had walked and gathered.  I actually remember the wood floors being warped and worn ~ no longer used in order to preserve them as they were.  I knew those men had walked on those boards and even though I didn't understand energy like I do now, I so wanted to walk there as well to "feel" their presence.  Then I remembered the really old Bay View apartment Jim remodeled (and then lived in).  The previous tenants had plugged sinks, turned on the water and left the house.  The new owner had someone come in and refinish the floors.  When I had asked Jim how they turned out, he said "Okay"; he was used to brand new homes.  When I arrived to see them, I was in love!  I thought all those "imperfections" were filled with incredible character ~ oh the stories they had to tell!   Hmmmmm...both of the floors I so admired had started out brand new at some point and over the years they transformed as they collected the stories of those who walked there.   I realized that our floors don't need "fixing"; they are just collecting the stories of our family and gatherings with friends.  How lucky I am that instead of wondering about the stories a beautiful old floor could tell, I get to be a part of creating the character!  To all of you who have spent time in our home, I thank you for adding your stories to the love, the character that is being etched and recorded on our floors.  


Instead of the Yoga Roulette class and in honor of this Saturday, September 21st being the International Day of Peace, there will be a 9am Yoga & Guided Meditation at the Lisbon Community Park in the Town of Lisbon, just off of Lake Five Road, north of Hwy VV.  I will be teaching a 45-50 minute yoga class and Joel Gollhardt will follow with a guided meditation at 10am.  We are asking for a donation of $5 per person; after the cost of the Hilltop Shelter is covered, the remainder will go to the Sussex Food Pantry.  

The September 25th, Wednesday evening 6:30 Slow Flow class will be cancelled for another visit from Markus Kasunich (see details below).
UPCOMING EVENTS...Please RSVP to register!

Friday, September 20th, marks the date of our next Energy Exchange from 7-9pm.  This is a great way for energy practitioners to receive self care, something we all tend to put "on the back burner".  This is for anyone who has received some type of training in energy modalities ~ reiki, cranio sacral, massage etc.  Everyone gets time on the table and we follow it up with a snack potluck.  $10

We still have space for our very own "West Bend Medium"...Jen Martin, owner of The Soul Source yoga studio in West Bend.  Jen is coming to share her amazing gifts with a Group Mediumship Demonstration on Saturday, September 21, from 3:30-5pm!.  Yes, she talks to dead people!  If you have seen the Long Island Medium show, Jen works group gatherings the same way.  While no one is guaranteed a message, you will be able to witness the process of channeling the essence and spirit of loved ones who have passed on and any messages they may have for their dear ones left behind. This type of demonstration can be very uplifting because it reminds you that life goes on after death and our loved ones are still with us in spirit. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate the lives of people who have passed on and the love they send from beyond.  RSVP's are appreciated for chair set up!  $20

For all you folks available in the mornings after kids are off to school, Deborah Lighthart is back on Wednesday, September 25th, with another Energy Bath right after the 9am class at 10:45.  No water involved, just a beautifully led meditation to clear energies no longer serving you!  Bring your pillow and anything else you'd like in order to be comfy.  $20

Wednesday night, September 25th from 7-9pm, Markus Kasunich is back for another round of inspirational wisdom.  This time his focus will be on the Ego ~ what is the ego matrix?  What is the relationship between the soul and the ego?  Why do we need an ego ( and YES we NEED our egos!!)?  Markus comes to us from California (originally from Canada) with an extensive background in spiritual studies.  His approach is pragmatic and he is very down to earth ~ exactly why I love him and am thrilled he chooses to come here!   $30

Just added for October...Saturday, October 12th, Steve and the Boyz (he was here for the Evening of Curiousity).  Steve Polifka channels Gladimir & Zephram (and sometimes Alexandria) and he will be here to share the messages they have for us as a group and individuals.  5pm potluck, event to begin at 6pm 

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Join us for the events that resonate with you and be a part of the stories being etched into the floors of our space!!
See you on the mat!!